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How to Add Website on Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a Google product. Which is used to index your website in Google. Which can bring Traffic from Google to our website. If you do not index your website in Google Webmaster Tools, then your website is not indexed in Google and Traffic from Google is not coming to your website, it is very important to index your website in Google Webmaster Tools.
How to Add A Site on Google Webmaster Tool

How do Google Webmaster Tools implement in

There are so many ways to index Blog / Website in Google Webmaster Tools –

1. HTML File Upload- You can verify your website by using the HTML File Upload. In this method you can download an HTML file and upload that file to your blog. After you upload that HTML file to your blog / website, you can verify your website by clicking on the Verify button.

2. Domain Name Provider- If you use the Domain Name Provider option, you get a TXT file that you have to paste in your domain's DNS option and then click on Verify button, so that the Webmaster Tool can verify that’s you.

3. Google Analytics- You can use the Google Analytics option only when you've added Google Analytics to your website. In this option, you get the Asynchronous Tracking Code that you have to apply in the Head section.

4. Google Tag Manager- If you use the Google Tag Manager option, you have to create an account at and you have to create a Container in that account.

5. HTML Tag- If you use the HTML tag option, you get a code that you want to insert in the head section of your website or in the Body section.

Which is the easiest way to verify the website in Webmaster Tools?

The easiest way to verify the website in Webmaster Tools is through the HTML tag, which has a few easy steps, and you can easily verify your website by following them:

Step 1.

First select the HTML Tag option, then you will get a verification code, copy that code.

Step 2.

Open your Blogger Dashboard and you will get the option of Theme in the Left Side. You have to click on the option of the theme.

Step 3.

Now the page which will open in front of you will get two options, first Customize and the second option will be Edit HTML, then you can click on the option of Edit HTML.

Step 4.

You will now have the edit HTML of the Dashboard Open in the Dashboard and click on the keyboard Ctrl + F, so that you will find the box of Search where you have to type <head> and then press Enter. Head section will be found.

Step 5.

After getting the Head Section, you have to make a little space to paste the code, then you can use the Inter Key and you can create a place to paste the code into the Dashboard and paste the code copied in that empty place. have to give.

Step 6.

Now go back to the Webmaster Tools website and click on the Verify button, your website will be successfully verified.
This way you can easily index your website in Google Webmaster Tools.

Adding your website to Google Webmaster Tools is very important because if you do not add your Website to Google Webmaster Tools, Then Google does not Index your website. Which does not show your website in Google's Search Result and Google does not even have Traffic on your website.

That's why it is very important to add your Website to Google Webmaster Tools as well as adding a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, because with the help of Sitemap, we can tell to Google about our post so then any User can Find anything Related to our Keyword then Google Show our Post in Search Result. Then User can easily find our Post and he Visit on our Website.

If you want to Traffic comes from Google Search Engine on your Website, then you have to add your Website to Google Webmaster Tools. Adding your Website to Google Webmaster Tools means that you tell Google that this is your Website and then Google show your Website in Google Search Results.

When we create Website, it is necessary that Traffic came to our website because if there is no Traffic on our website then we do not have any Benefit of our Website. That's why we should Add our Website to Google Webmaster Tools so that Google can know about our Website and show our Website in Google Search Result.

You must Add Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools if you do not have to Create a Sitemap for your Website, If you don't know How to Create a Sitemap then we have a Post Already Available on our website. You can read that post and Create a Sitemap for your Website.

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