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How to Create YouTube Channel


YouTube is a very good medium to upload videos and earn money from those videos, but for that we have to create an account on YouTube through which we can upload our videos to YouTube and earn money from those videos . But if YouTube has some of its rules for it, we first know them which are very important, such as if you have a YouTube channel on your channel, you can only upload up to 15 Minutes videos on your channel and if you want to upload long videos to your YouTube channel, then you have to verify your YouTube channel. So in this post we will know how we can create our channel on YouTube and how to verify that channel.
How to Create YouTube Channel

What things we need to do to create a YouTube Channel-

1. To create Gmail Account- YouTube channel, you must first have a Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, then you first create an account on Gmail.

2. Mobile Number- You need a Mobile Number to Verify YouTube Channel because YouTube send the Verification Code through Mobile Number so it is very important that you have a Mobile Number.

How do you create a YouTube Channel?

To create a YouTube Channel, we'll tell you some steps you can create your own YouTube Channel –

Step 1

Open and you will see a small icon in the right hand side or an option to sign in. If you are showing the option of Sign In, then click on it and enter your Gmail ID and password.

Step 2

Now you will open a new page in which you will see an option Create Channel, as we have to create a Channel, then click on the option of Create Channel.

Step 3

In this page you give your YouTube channel name, if you not given default your gmail account name will be published. If you want next time will you change it for channging perpose on box and edit it.

Step 4

After changing the name you can click on the Submit button and your YouTube Channel has been created.

Note- After creating the channel, you must include the channel logo and channel art in your channel.

How to Verify YouTube Channel-

There are a few Steps to Verify YouTube Channel, which you can follow to verify your YouTube Channel by following -

Step 1

You will see Right Hand Side in your YouTube Channel, then you will see a small icon of your channel, click on it and select the Creator Studio option.

Step 2

Now there are some new options in front of you that you will be showing in Left Side, there will be an option Channel, then you click on it.

Step 3

After clicking, you will now have a new page open that shows the Verify option, then you click on it.

Step 4

First you have to select your country, then you first select your country.

Step 5

After selecting Country you will get 2 options, which is asking you how you would like to take the Verification Code like Phone Call or Text Message, you can choose any of the options here. According to convenience.

Step 6

After selecting option, you can enter your 10 digit Mobile Number in the box and click on Submit Button. Now YouTube will send you a 6-digit verification code.

Step 7

Now let's Insert that Verification Code and click on Submit then your YouTube Channel will be verified.

This way you can create a YouTube channel of your own. You can increase your business via YouTube Channel or you can make an income from your YouTube Channel by adding YouTube to Google Adsense.

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