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What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing- Selling a Product or Services through your Blog, Website, Social Media, or any other Medium is Called Affiliate Marketing. When you sell any kind of Product then Company give you some Commission of Profit. This Commission can be 2%-5% or More and Product and Service is like Domain, Hosting, Electronic Products or Anything Else that can be sold on Online.

Affiliate Marketing

As you know, there are many way to Earn Money to Online, Like Blogging, Vloging. So Affiliate Marketing is also a Good Option to Earn Money Online. On the Internet Have many more Bloggers, YouTubers they have Earn money with Affiliate Marketing. There are many People in the World who Earn $1000  Per Month with Affiliate Marketing. So if you are a Blogger or YouTuber and your want to Increase your Earning, then you also join Affiliate Marketing.

When ever we Join Affiliate Program then Company Gives us a Link or Banner for the Promotion. Then we Add that Link or Banner in out Website, So that the product starts showing on our Website. When our Visitors like that Product and they also can Buy that Product. Then the company gives us some Commission on the sale of that product.

Some Important Questions Related to Affiliate Marketing

1. Does Affiliate Marketing need a Blog or Website to Join?

Answer- To join Affiliate Marketing, you do not have to be a Website or Blog at all. It depends on you How and Where you Promote a product. Many people on the Internet do Affiliate Marketing and Earn through Social Media, Whats App, Email, YouTube etc.

2. Can we use Affiliate Marketing and Ad-sense together on Blog or Website?

Answer- Yes you can use Affiliate Marketing as well as Ad-Sense, but for that you need Approved Ad-Sense Account. If your Ad-Sense Account is not approved, then do not use Affiliate marketing on your website. I Suggest you, When you have an Approved Ad-Sense Account, then you can use Affiliate Marketing and Ad-Sense together on your Website. Then Ad-Sense does not have any kind of Objection to use Affiliate Marketing.

3. Can we need to Pay for Join Affiliate Program/Marketing ?

Answer- No, you do not need to Pay for join Affiliate Program. This service is Absolutely free.

4. What should be the Qualification for Join Affiliate Marketing?

Answer-  You do not need any kind of Qualification to join Affiliate Marketing. So it does not matter What's your Qualification.

5. How much we can Earn from Affiliate Marketing?

Answer- There is no limit to Earn from Affiliate Marketing, you can Earn more than others because this job only depends on Promotion and Sell.

Still, I give you some Information for Idea. Some People earn $200/ Month and some People Earn $200/ Day. I think now you can Guess How you can Earn from Affiliate Marketing.

6. Which kind of Companies offers Affiliate Program ?

Answer- Not all Company or Organization Offer Affiliate Program. If you want to Join Affiliate Marketing so have to find out yourself whether Company Offer Affiliate Program. Then you can Apply to Join his Affiliate Program.

7. How to find out which Company offer's Affiliate Program ?

Answer- There are so many Blogs they will tell you which Companies Offer's Affiliate Marketing. But if you want to find out Yourself then you can use Google. Add Affiliate word with the Company name and Search on Google. If that company offers Affiliate Programs then you will know.

Important Question

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