Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to Select Target Country For Blog / Website

How to Select Target Country For Blog / Website

Target Country- Is a Good Option to Get More Views on our Website/Blog actually when we create a Blog in  any Topic then may be that's topic is good for Specific Country. And also when we Create a Business Blog, Tips Blog or Social Blog then Definitely we can Target an Any Country for our Blog because Our Content is Good for them and We want to Traffic in that Country so Target Country is a Good Option for our Blog. Because when we Select any Specific Country for our Blog then Search Crawler Understand Which Country we are Targeting and then it will be show our Blog or Post in That Country Search Result in Top. So when our Blog  Post show in Top at the  Search Result then Definitely we get More Traffic on our Blog.

So Target Country is a Good Option to Get more Views on our Blog / Website. That's the Reason we  are Telling you here How you can Set a Specific Country for your Blog and Get More Traffic. For better Understand we can Share Information in Step by Step. And we also Share Advantage  and Disadvantage to Select Target Country.

Select Target Country For Blog / Website

To Select Target Country for Blog you need to Follow these Steps given Bellow:

Step 1- First Login to your Google Webmaster Account. If you don't have Google Webmaster Account then first Create and Then you can eligible to Select Target Country on your Blog.

If you don't know how you can Create an Account on Google Webmaster Tool then Read our old Article How to Add Website on Google Webmaster Tool. Here we can Share all Necessary Information to Google Webmaster Tools.

Step 2- Now, you need to Select "Search Traffic" Option. Given in the Left Side Bar.

Step 3- Here you get some new Options. "International Targeting" is a option to Select Target Country for your Blog. So Click on it.

Step 4-  A New Page will be Open on your Screen here you got Two Options 1. Language and 2. Country.
As we need to Select Target Country so Click on 2nd Option Country.

Step 5- Here you got a Option Target users in ........... Click on the List Box. Now you get Several Countries Name. Select which one you Linked or you want to Target.

For Example: If you write your Content for United State So Select "United State".

Now your Target Country will be Selected.

Advantage to Select Target Country for Blog / Website

When we Create a Website in a Specific Topic Like Business, Chat, etc then we need to select our Targeted Country because when we Select a Target Country then our Website will be Ranked higher in the Google Search Result. For Example we Select United State as a Target Country then Search Engine can Understand our Content is more useful for the People living in the United State. And therefor Google will give Slightly higher property to your Website over the Websites that have no such Settings.

Disadvantage to Select Target Country for Blog / Website

The Downside is When we Select a Target Country for our Website then other Countries may fall. So you should Select Geographic Target only and only if your Website target Country Really reside in a Particular Country. For Example: If you Write your Website in Hindi or any Specific Language then you must need to Select Geographic Target Country because Like you Write your Blog / Website in Hindi Language and you Select your Geographic Target Country is India. Then Google Boost your Website and Post in the India Google Search Result therefor you get More Traffic in India. According to those Websites they did not select Target Country. But if you Write your Blog / Website in English and you Select your Target Country is India. Then your Website will be down in another Countries. This is the most Important Reason to Select a Target Country or Not.


If you Write your Blog / Website in English Language and you Content is Good for All Countries so you don't Select Geographic Target Country for your Blog because if you select any Geographic Target Country in that Situation then you lost more Traffic on other Countries. But if you Write you Blog / Website in Hindi Language then definitely you need to Select your Target Country India.


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