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Social Media Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Social Media Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Social Media Marketing- Social Media Marketing is Very Important Part of the Off Page SEO. Because Social Media Sites are so Popular on the Internet and we can Promote our Blog on the Social Media Sites very Easily. Social Media Sites Provide some Facilities for Promotion and we need to just use These Facilities. Using Social Media Sites we can Improve Traffic on our Website and also we get more Bloggers by using Social Media Sites. So in my words Social Media is a Best Option for Promote our Website on the Internet.

In This Post we talk about some other Advantage of Social Media Sites. Because we saw that there had so many Peoples they think they need to Share his Blog Post URL on the Social Media Sites and they get more Traffic on his Website. I Know this is a Biggest Reason to use Social Media Sites for Blogger but there had some other Advantages too. With these Advantages we get more Benefit to our Blog. So if you are a Blogger then you must Read this Post.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Maximum Times Business Man and Companies are used Social Media Sites to Promote his Business but now there had so Many Bloggers and they also want to Use Social Media Sites for his Blog Promotion. So we Share some Good Points for How we can Use Social Media Sites for Blog Promotion and How we get more and more Benefits to Social Media Sites.

1- Display Social Media Icon on your Blog- When we Create a New Blog then first we need to Share our Social Media Account on our Blog. With the Social Media Icons we can Easily Share our Social Media Sites Account URLs on our Blog.

Because when we Add Social Media Icons on our Blog then every Visitors can See that Icons it's not Matter where he Come from So many Visitors want to Follow us on Social Media Sites so If we Share our Social Media Account's URL on our Blog then they can Find us Very Easily because they only need to Click on our Social Media Icon and they are Redirected on our Social Media Account.

And also they can Easily Follow us on our Social Media Account. With this when we Share any New Article on our Social Media Site then they got a Notification for our New Article and they can Click on our Shared Linked and they Redirected on our Website. So we get Daily Visitors for our Website.

2- Create your Facebook Page- As we Know Facebook is so Popular Social Media Site but there had a Disadvantage too because we did not Add 5000+ Friend's on our Facebook Account. With the 5000 Friend's we never Improve our Website because we need Thousand and Million Audience for our Website. So Facebook Page is a Good Option because Facebook Page Provide a Facility we can add Thousands and Million Followers on our Facebook Page without Any Problem.

And the Other Advantage of Facebook Page we can Create our Facebook Page with our Website Name. With this when any body Like our Facebook Page and If they got any kind of Notification for our Post then He / She Got our Name too. So with the Facebook Page we can Promote our Website very Easily.

3- Join Other Facebook Group- On the Facebook there had so Many Groups. You only need to Find your Niche Group and then you can Send Request for Join. To Join Other Groups on your Niche Topic you can Easily Find Peoples who's are Related on your Topic.

For Example: I have a Blog and my Blog is on Tech Topic so i need to Find some Tech Group because there had so Many Tech Bloggers.

When we Join other Groups on Facebook then we get more Audience for our Blog. Because everybody want to Know something New. So if you Write Trending Topic on your Blog then they Definitely Visit on your Blog for Reading your Article. For this you get more Visitors for your Blog.

The Other Advantage to Join Other Facebook Group is there had so many Bloggers. And Bloggers believe to Helping Other's so when you got any Confusion on any Topic then you must Share your Question with the Group Members. And who's person have Answer for your Question they Definitely Reply you and Help you Understand that Topic.

4- Get more Traffic on StumbleUpon- StumbleUpon is very Popular Social Media Site and when we Share our Latest Article on the StumbleUpon the we Got so many Visitors. Starting Visitors are Very Important for our Blog. Because with the Starting Viewers our Blog Post will be Rank on the Search Engine.

5- Add your RRS Feed on your LinkedIn Account-  Linkdin is very Important and Popular Social Media Site because there we can Share our Text, Images, Videos and RRS Feed too. So we need to Add our RRS Fee on our Linkedin Account because with this when we Upload any New Article on our Blog then on the Linkedin have a Notification for our Latest Articles and our Followers & Friends see that notification. This is a very best Method to get more Visitor on our Site with Linkedin.

6- Use Pinterest for your Blog Post Images- Pinterest is also very Popular Social Media Site and we Share our Blog post Images on Pinterest very Easily. As we know Peoples like to see Images and Videos then when we share our Blog Post Image on our Pinterest Board then we get more Click on our Post.

Because Image is very Easy way to Understand Anything so when Users saw a Image on any Perticular Topic then they want to know more about that Topic and they Click on our Image and He/She Redirected on our Blog. So get More Traffic with Pinterest Image.

7- Create Pages on Social Media Sites with your Blog Name- When we Create our Blog then we decide a Unique name for our Blog. So we need to Peoples know our Blog Name. Then Social Media Pages are very Good Option for us because we can Create a Page with our Blog Name. So as possible you can Create more Pages on Social Media Sites with your Blog Name.

To Create Page on Social Media Sites with our Blog Name then when we Share anything on our Page then People got Notification which Page share this thing and they Notice who's that Person. So Pages has good Opportunity of our Blog.

8- Use Link Shorten Tool- As we know on the Internet have so many Link Shorten Tools. With these Tools we can Short our Blog Post URL. But we try to Say, we need to Short our Link with tool because with this Tool we did't Short our Link and also we can Analyze How many Peoples React on our Link and with the Analyzing we can Write more Post's on a Particular Topic which Peoples like to Read.

9- Help Other Bloggers- When we Help Other Blogger's then they also Ready to Help us. For this when we have any Confusion on any Topic then we can Ask him and they help us to Understand that Topic. And There had so many Bloggers. So When we Help them then also know we have Knowledge on our Topic and they want to Learn with us so they Definitely Visit on our Blog.

To Help Other Blogger we get Help to him and also we get more Visitors for our Blog. So Help other Bloggers as Possible.

10- Spend Time on Social Media Sites- When we want to use Social Media Sites for our Blog Promotion then we need to Spend our some time on them because when we Spend our Time on the Social Media Sites then we get some other Information too. Because There had so many Peoples and they always find something New. So they also  Share on the Social Media Sites.

With the Social Media Sites we can Easily Assume What Topic is on Trend and also we Assume which Topics Peoples Like so We only need to Write Article on that Topic and  Defenitly we get more Viewers for our Blog. So when we Spend our Time on Social Media Site then we get lot's of Benefit and we can Easily Improve our Blogging too.

With these Tips you Easily Improve your Blogging with Social  Media Sites. I Hope these tips will help to Grow your Blog on Social Media Sites. If you have any Other Question about Social Media Site then you welcome to write in the Comment Box. And also to Better Understand Social Media Marketing you must Read our Old Articles on Social Media Marketing these Links are Bellow on the Page. Thanks you For Read This Article Keep Visiting.

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