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How to Fix Crawl Error on Google Webmaster Tools

How to Fix Crawl Error on Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools- Google Webmaster Tools is Provided by Google. With the Help of Google Webmaster Tools we can Add our Website in the Google. And also Google Webmaster Tools can Help to Improve our Website Ranking in the Search Result. Here we Got some Other Facilities too like Here we can Analyze Which kind of Error in our Website and then we Can Fit it. So Google Webmaster Tools is Very Important for our Website or Blog.

We can Add our Latest Post URL in the Webmaster Tool then Google can Index our Post in the Search Result. With the Help of Google Webmaster Tool we also get More Traffic by Google. Because when we Submit our Latest Article on the Google Webmaster Tool then Google can Index our Latest Article and Show in the Search Result. Then Any Person can Find our Post like Keyword then Google Show him our Article too. Then the Person who can Search in the Google they can Click on our Article and Visit on our Website. So we get more Traffic by Google.

Now, we Talk about Error. So on the Google Webmaster Tool they Noticed Three Types of Errors.

1- DNS Error- DNS Error is Called Domain Name Server Error when any body want to Open our Article but they don't have Net Connection then they Got Message Web Page will not be Open. And we Got Error DNS. It's very Common Issue in the Google Webmaster Tool.

2- Server Connectivity- When any Person want to Open our Website but his Internet Connection will be Slow then our Website take so much Time to Open and We Got Server Connectivity Error. It's also very Common Error in the Google Webmaster Tools.

3- Robot.txt Error- When we want our Specific Article is Stop to Crawl in the Search Result then we Use Robot.txt and we can Stop our Article Crawling in the Search Result. But When we Stop our Article to Crawl in the  Search Result as we say but our Article will be Crawl on the Search Engine at 4-5 Days. And in which Time when any Person can Click on that Article then we Got Robot.txt Error in the Webmaster Tools.

How to Fix 404 Error on Webmaster Tools

404 Error is also very Important for us because these kinds of Error Provide Wrong Interface to our Viewer's so we need to Fix them by Delete that URL. It's very Easy first we need to Select our Those URL who's does not Available on our Website then we Need to Delete that on the Webmaster Tools. To find these kind of URL Webmaster Tool Provide a Crawl Error Section there we can Easily Find which URL Creating Problem on our Website then the Second Option is Delete URL. For this Purpose Webmaster Tool Provide Delete URL Section too.

So Let's See How we can Select our Error URL and How we Can Delete them.

Step 1- Login to your Webmaster Tool.

Step 2- Crawl Error Page

To Open Crawl Error Page Click on the "Crawl" Option is Given in the Left Side Bar. Then a Small List will be Open on Front of you Here you need to Click on "Crawl Error" Option. And your Crawl Error Page will be Open. Here you See that what's kind of URL are Error on your Website.

Step 3- Remove URL Page

To Open Remove URL Page First Click on the "Google Index" Option is also given in Left Side Bar. Then a Small List will be Open on Front of You Here you need to Click on "Remove URLs" Option. Now Remove URL Page will be Open.

Note: You need to Work on Both Pages so Open those Pages on the Different Tabs.

Step 4- Select Error URL

To Select your Error URL First Click on that then Select your URL and then Copy your Error URL.

Step 5- Paste in the Remove URL Page

Now, you need to Open Remove URL Page and Here you got a Box for Delete URL so Paste your Copied URL in the Box and then Click on "Continue" Button.

At this Time you need to Select what you want to do with Your URL for Example:
1- Temporarily Hide Page from Search Engine and Remove from Cache.
2- Remove Page from Cache Only.
3- Temporarily Hide Directory.

We Suggest Click on the "Temporarily Hidi Page from Search Engine and Remove from Cache".

And Then click on the Submit Button. Now you Request will be Send to the Webmaster Tool after 24 Hours Webamster Tool Can read your Request and then they can Remove your URL on the Search Engine.

With these Steps you can Remove your All Error URLs on your Google Webmaster Tools. I Hope this Informative is very Helpful to You so if you Like this Article and If you have any other Question about Webmaster Tool then you can Write your Question in the Comment Box.

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