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How to Buy WebHosting on Hostgator Complete Tutorial

WebHosting on Hostgator Complete Tutorial

Hostgator- is a Best Platform for Create a Blog on Blogger but you need a Hosting Plan. So Hostgator is a Good Option to Buy a Best Hosting Plan for your New Blog. At this time Hostgator and Bluehost the Two Websites are Too Popular for Hosting and these Websites are Provide Good WebHosting is very Low Price. The Best Part of Hostgator is, it's Provide Good Customer Support and it's very Important for Every New Blogger.

WordPress is a Best Platform for Create your New Blog but if are New in the Blogging then you don't have enough knowledge about WordPress and when you are in the Trouble then you need a Help so Hostgator provide good Customer Support into 24*7. Hostgator Toll Free Customer Care Number is (1800 209 8833) and ( Email Support.

On the Internet Every Popular Blogger and YouTubers Suggest to Buy Webhosting with Hostgator. Because so many Popular Bloggers use Hostgator Hosting for his Blog and they Know Hostgator Hosting Quality and Service both are very good. So if you are Beginner then Hostgator is Good Option for You because, on the Hostgator you can Buy Hosting only for 1-3 Months and when you think Hostgator Provide you a Good Service then you can Renew Your Hosting Plane for Long Time Period. Another wise you can Try BlueHost and GoDaddy for Hosting.

How to Buy Hosting with Hostgator Complete Information Step By Step

Here, we share Complete Information to Buy Web Hosting with Hostgator Step by Step with Screen Shot Follow these Instructions:

Step: 01- Select Hosting Plan

First, you need to Open Hostgator Official Website. If you Belong to India then Click on and then you need to Select your Hosting Plan. On the Hostgator there had three Types of Hosting Plan 1. Hatchling Plan 2. Baby Plan & 3. Business Plan. For Beginners Baby Plan is Good for You because with this Plan you can Add Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Dist Space, Unlimited Transfer and Unlimited Emails. So Baby Plan is Good for every Beginners.

1. Hatchling Plan- On the Hatchling Plan you can Add Single Doamin.

2. Baby Plan- On the Baby Plan you can Add Multiple Domains in Single Hosting.

3. Business Plane- On the Business Plan you get Free Dedicated IP and SSL Certificate.

Step: 2-Do you Already Have Domain or Not

When you select your Hosting Plan then Hostgator Ask You if you have a your Own Custom Domain or Not. I Hope you have one then Click on "Yest" Button and if you don't have Custom Domain then you need to Click on "No" Button. After Click on No Button Hostgator Suggest you Buy Domain with Hostgator and If you Have your Custom Domain then you only need to Enter your Custom Domain in Given Box.

After Write your Domain Name you need to Click on "Continue" Button for Next Procedure.

Step: 03- Click on Continue

Now, you need to Check which Options are Showing in your Order Page because There had so Many Unnecessary (Useless) Items are Add Automatic so First Remove them Because they also have some Charges. After Remove Unnecessary Features you need to Click on "Continue" Button for Next Procedure.

Step: 04- Create a New Account on Hostgator

Now, You need to Create your Account on Hostgator. If you already have any other Account on Hostgator then you can Login with your Id and Password. But i think you are Buying Webhosting with Hostgator then you need to Create a New Account.

To Create a New Account on Hostgtor Fill this Form.

This Form will be Divided into Two Parts First One is Contact Information and Second One is User Information. So you need to Fill both Parts.

Contact Information:

Full Name:  First you need to Write your Full Name.
Address: You Need to Write your Address.
Country: Select your Country.
State: Enter your State Name.
Postal Code: Enter your Area Pin Code.
Phone Number: Enter your Mobile Number.
GST Id: When you Choose Business Plan then you need to Enter your GST Id and If you Choose (Hatchling or Baby Plan) then you don't need to Enter GST Id.

User Information:

Email Address: You Need to Enter your Valid/Active Email Address.
Enter Password: Now you need to Create a New Password for your Hastogator Account.
Conform Password: At this Time you need to Enter your Created Password in the Given Box.

After Fill these Information you need to Click on "Create an Account" Option. And then your Hostgator Account will be Created. Now, You need to Pay for your Hosting Plan.

Step: 05- Select your Payment Option

On the Hostgator Have Different Payment Option you need to Select any one it's your Choice. For Example: Everybody Prefer to Pay Fee with his Debit /  Credit Card then Select Debit card Option.

Step: 06- Enter Your Card Details

Card Number: Enter your Debit or Credit Card Number.
Name on Card: Enter Card Holder Name.
CVV Number: CVV Number is Given Below on the Card.
Expiry Date: Every Card has a Expiry Date and it's Published Front of the Card.

After Fill these Information Click on "Pay Now" Button and then a Security Code will be Send on your Registered Mobile Number. And you need to Enter These Codes in the Hostgator Payment Page and then Click on Continue Button. Now your Hosting will be Purchased.


Hostgator is a Good Website for Hosting and Everybody can Prefer to Buy Hosting by Hostgator. Mostly Bloggers and YouTubers Suggest Buy Hosting with Hostgator. And his Customer Support Service is too Good so if you want to Buy Hosting for your Blog then Hostgator is a Good Option for you.

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