About Us

Tech To Guru is About to Knowledge of Blogging and You Tube Channel. Tech To Guru Founded on 01 January 2017 By Rikki and Anshu Singh.

Rikki and Anshu both are Co- Founders of Tech to Guru.

Where we share out unique and verified idea's and skills. Arthur's published his articles and determine your feedback quickly. Our Mission to spread knowledge as much as possible. If you found any mistyping and grammatically mistake in our articles. So, let us know truly appreciate and respect our User's Feedback.

Team Members


Rikki is a fully time passionate blogger and one of the Co-founder of Tech to Guru. Rikki started his blogging journey February 2014. Some Trustworthy friends was helped me to to costruct his community. Rikki is not only a Blogger. I am Working as a Helper to Akash in his Cyber Cafe since 2014. I have a Passion for Optimizing websites to achieve Business goals and a talent for improving organic Blogging rankings with my Creative approach and through research and analysis.

Akash Singh:

 Akash is also Co-founder of Tech to Guru. He also started his Journey for Blogging in 2014. Akash is not only a Blogger he is working in his own Cyber Cafe since 2014. He have a Passion to Find More opportunity make money so he find Google Adsense. He had many More website.