Add Adsense Ads Between WordPress Blog Post: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share information about How to Add Adsense Ads Between WordPress Blog Post using Plugin.

Add Adsense Ads

Add Adsense Ads

We all know WordPress is one of the most popular and largest platform in the Blogging field and so many Peoples use WordPress for his blog and I hope you also use WordPress for your Blog. “Add Adsense Ads”

But do you know How you can Place your Adsense Ads Between your Every Blog Posts. I hope you don’t know so in this article we tell you everything about Article Ads with Types of Adsense Ads and How you can place it into your Blog Post Header, Middle and End of Post.

First you need to Understand what kind of Adsense Ads you can Add into your Blog Post. Because when you Add any kind of Ads into the Blog post so you break the Adsesne Terms and Condition Policy.

And i hope you already know when you break any Term & Condition then what will happen. So lets start to the Beginning.

Type of Adsense Ads for Blog Post

According to the Adsense Policy you can Add Total 6 Ads on your One Blog. 3 of the Display Ads and 3 Text Ads. I hope now you have another Question.

How many types of Text Ads

The Answer is there had Three Types of Text Ads and you can use each of them into your Blog Post.

01- Link Ads

Link Ads are very Popular on the Blogs and i hope you guys already saw the Links Ads before. But If you don’t see Link Ads before then Check our Article’s Header.

It’s looks like a Capsule (Button) and there has only Text that’s why when you Add this kind of Ads on your Blog Post then you got more Probability for Clicks.

Because some peoples thinks it’s a Facility and they always click on the Link Ads.

02- In Feed Ad

In Feed Ad is another most Popular Ads on the Blogs because it’s looks like your Another Article. Some times peoples think it’s you another article has showing between your Post and they Click on it. So it’s also very useful Ad for your Blog Post.

03- In Article Ad

In Article Ad is also looks like In Feed Ad but there has a Small Change there you don’t get any kind of Images. It’s looks like a Text on your Blog post. That’s why so many peoples click on these kind of Ads.

How to Add Adsense Ads on WordPress Blog Post

First as we already tell you in this Article we are going to use a Plugin. So first you need to Install Adsnese Integration WP Quads Plugin on the WordPress dashboard.

After Successfully Install the Plugin, first you need to Place your Adsense Ads Code in this plugin and then give Instruction where they show on your Blog Post.

How to Place Adsense Ads Code in WordPress Plugin

After Install the plugin Click on the General Settings Option in the Adsnese Integration WP Quads Plugin is showing Bellow of the Plugin on your Plugins Dashboard, For more Details check the Above Image.

Paste your Adsense Ads Code

Place your Adsense Ads Codes

After Clicking on General Settings you got so many Different Options so first you need to Find Ads Option and then Click on it and now a New Page will be open on your Screen there you got Different Ads Options.

Such as: Ad1, Ad2, Ad3………etc. So as you need to Place only Three Ads so first click on the Ad1 Option and now you got a Page as show on the Above Image. There you got a Text Box for your Ads.

But first Click on the Text/HTML/JS Option. Because you need to Place your Codes and Codes are always placed into the HTML/JS (Java Script) Option. And then Paste your Adsense Ad Code there.

As it is you can Add your all 3 Ads in the Plugin.

How to Position of the Adsense Ads

Set Position of Adsense ads

Now, you got another option in the Plugin “General & Position” so first Click on it and a New Page will be open on your Screen.

There you only need to Select your Adsense Ads Positions. As you saw on the Above image there had Different Options are Already Available such as: Beginning of the Post, Middle of the Post and End of the Post.

Normally peoples use only these Options and you also need to use only these options too. So there you got another option like Random Ad, first Click on the option and now you got a List of your Ads like Ad1, Ad2, Ad3 and so on.

So Select any one which you want to show into your Blog Post.

For Example: We place our Link Ad in the Ad1 Option and we want to show the Ad Beginning of the Post. So we only need to Select Ad1 Option on the Beginning of the Post option. 

As it is you need to Select your all Three Ads Position and After the selection you only need to Click on Save Button and your Adsense Ads will be Ready to Sow on your each Blog Posts.

Note: When you Generate any New Adsense Ads then it’s take some time to Show on your Blog so if you Create any New Ads then you need to gives some time to your Ads. Maximum After 1 Hours Adsense Ads will be Actives and they will start to showing on the Blog Posts.

In Conclusion: (Add Adsense Ads)

Adsense is very Important in the Blogging Field so don’t brake any Adsense terms & Condition because when your Adsense Account will be Suspended then you never able to place the Adsense Ads on your Blog. So use only Text Ads into your Blog Posts.

If you have any other Question about this Topic then write your Question in the Comment Box we try to Reply you As soon as possible thank you for Reading this Article Keep Visiting. “Add Adsense Ads”

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