Facebook Like Box: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Information about How to Add Facebook Like Box on WordPress Blog or Website using Facebook Developers and Plugin.

Facebook Like Box

Add Facebook Like Box

First we all know Facebook Fan Page is necessary when you trying to Promote your Blog or Website on the Facebook Platform because it’s help you to share your Latest Updates to your Followers. And also we all know if we don’t have enough Followers on our Fan Page then we never promote our Content between lots of Peoples so First we need to Get Huge Followers on our Facebook Page.

But the Question is what kind of Peoples you really required to promote your Content ?

So the Answer is you need to find those kind of Peoples who really Interested on your Topic or who want to know more about on your Topic.

Because when you got these kind of Peoples on your Page then Seriously you got huge amount of Traffic on your Content. So i think your next Question is How to Find those kind of Peoples who’s really Interested on your Topic/Content ?

Ok then The answer is there had Several Ways to find that kind of peoples but when you Add Facebook Like box on your Blog then those Peoples visit on your Website though the Search Engine they are Really Interested Peoples on your topic.

So when you Add your Facebook Fan Page as a Like Box into your Blog then they easily Click the Like Button and they Follow you.

I hope now you got your Answer Why Facebook Fan Page is Important on Blog.

There has two ways to Add Fan page into the WordPress Blog. First One is you can add your Fan page using Facebook Developer Tool and the Other one is you can Install a Plugin for this Work. Both options are good so choose any one which you think is good for you.

How to Add Facebook Fan Page Using Plugin

To Add Facebook Fan Page Using Plugin you need to Follow these steps:

Step 01- Login into your WordPress Dashboard

First of all you need to Login into your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 02- Go to Add New Plugins Page

Go to Add New Plugins Page

Now you need to Click on the Plugins Option is given in the Left Side bar and then Click on Add New Option.

Step 03- Search The Plugin

As you got a page to Find Plugins and there you got a Search Box too. So use it and find “Easy Facebook Like Box” Plugin.

Step 04- Install / Activate


For the Clear Information about the Plugin Check Above Image. And then Click on the Install Button to Download this Plugin into your Dashboard and Click on the Activate Button after Installation.

Step 05- Appearance / Widget


So i hope now the Plugin will be Installed into your Dashboard so at this time you need to Add your Fan Page on your Blog Sidebar.

First click on the Appearance Option it’s appear in the Left Sidebar and then Click on the Widget Option.

Step 06- Add Easy Facebook Plugin Widget into the Sidebar

Add Easy Facebook Plugin Widget into the Sidebar

Now, you got a New Page on your Screen and there you Got a List of Features in “Available Widgets” Find Easy Facebook Like Box Feature and then Click on it.

After Clicking you got a Small List and there you got a Option to Add that Widget on your Sidebar so Click on it and that Widget will be Added into your WordPress Blog Sidebar.

Step 07- Add your Facebook Page URL

Add your Facebook Page URL

First you need to Write a Title for your Plugin so Write some words what you Want to Write. We Suggest some of these Words: “Follow Us”, “Like our Facebook Page”, “Hit the Like Button”, “Facebook Page” and my Favorite “Facebook”. Choose any one which one you Like.

And now check the Next Option. Here you got a Facebook Page URL it’s a by Default URL so you need to Change it with yours.

First Copy your Facebook Page URL and Then paste there and your Facebook Fan Page will be Ready to Perform.

Note: In this Plugin you got some Extra Features such as: Hide Cover Photo, Hide Friend’s Face etc. So choose these Options according to you which features you want to show on your Facebook Like Box.

How to Add Facebook Like Box Using Facebook Developers

This is the Coding method so it’s going tough for the every beginner but don’t worry we gives you Clear Information with the Screen Shots.

Step 01- Visit on Facebook Developers Website

Facebook Developers Website

First you need to Visit on Facebook Developers Website to Click on the given link.

Step 02- Create your Facebook Like Box

To Create your Facebook Like Box first you need to Write your Facebook Page URL or Past in the “Facebook Page URL” Section and then you got a Preview of your Page in the preview Section as given Bellow on the page.

And also you got some other Options such as Weight, Height, Use Small Header, Adapt to Plugin Container width, Hide Cover Photo and Show Friend’s Faces. 

Customize theme according to you and after then click on Get Code Option. Now you got your Facebook Fan Page Code to Add on your Blog / Website.

First Click on Iframe Option and then you got your Original Code so first Select them and then Copy.

Step 03- Add Facebook Like Box in the Side bar


First Login into your WordPress Dashboard and then Click on “Appearance Option” and then “Widget Option”.

Now a New Page will be open on your Screen and there you got Different Features/Options in the “Available Widgets” so find “Text” Feature and Add it into your Sidebar using Dragging System.

Now go to the Side bar Section and Click on the Text Feature Widget and you got some Different Options. The First one is Title. So write some Words in this Section such as Facebook, Facebook Like Box, Follow us, etc.

And then Click on “Text” Option and Past your Copied Code in the Bellow Box and then Click on the Save Button.

Now your Facebook Fan Page will be Added on your WordPress Blog’s Sidebar. So Visit on your Blog and Check.

In Conclusion

I hope with these Instructions you can Easily Add your Facebook Like Box on your WordPress Blog if you have any other Question about that Topic then Write you Question in the Comment Box. Thank you for Reading this Article Keep Visiting.

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