Add Music on Wishing Website: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Information about How you can Add Music on Wishing Website.

Add Music on Wishing Website

Add Music on Wishing Website

Wishing Website is a new and Very Popular way to earn money online that’s why at this time lots of peoples creating his/her own Wishing Website. But we all know if we want to Earn Money from our Wishing Website then we need to get huge traffic on it.

So we need to focus on to Make our Wishing Website more Attractive and Effective because when people like to See our Wishing Website then definitely they share it with his/her Friends and Family Members.

In this Condition Music is one of the Best and Easiest way to make our wishing website very Attractive.

Because everybody like to Listen to Music so if we are Add Music on our Wishing Website then definitely people like to see our Website too.

How to Add Music on Wishing Website

Now, if you want to Add Music on Wishing Website then firstly you need to Download the Bellow code. Because this code helps you to add your Own Music on your Wishing Website.

After downloading this Music Code you need to follow some Easy Steps such as;

Step 01- Upload your Music on Mediafire

Firstly you need to Download your Music on the Internet which one you want to Add on your Wishing Website. And then Upload your Music File into the Mediafire. Because Mediafire Provide facility to Upload any kind of MP3 Music or Other Files.

After Uploading your Music on Mediafire, you need to get your Music Download Link. For this first, you need to Open your Download Link into a New Tab and then you get a Download Button on Mediafire.

So Right Click on the Download Button and Select “Copy Link Address”, then your Music Download link will be copied.

Step 02- Add your Music Download Link into the Code

After getting your Music Download Link open the Music Code, here you get an Option to Place your Music URL so just Select it and Replace with your Music Download Link. Now your Music Code will be Ready.

Step 03- Add your Music Code in your Wishing Website

Now, Copy your Music Code and Paste it into your Wishing Script.

Firstly open your Wishing Script into Notepad++ and then Press Ctrl+F Button using your Keyboard. Now, a Seach Box will start to appear on your Screen. Find End Head Section in your Wishing Script.

So type </head> in the Search Box and Press Enter Key on your Keyboard. After then your End Section will be fined on your Wishing Script.

Make some space below the End Head Section by using “Enter Key” and Paste your Copies Music Code there.

Now, your Music will be added on your Wishing Script so Install your Wishing Website on your Free Blogger Blog and your Wishing Website is Ready to Perform.

With these Simple steps you can easily Add any kind of MP3 Music on your wishing website and if you find any kind of Issue to Download and Install this Music Code on your Wishing Website then write down your Issue into the Comment Box and we try to Solve your Issue as soon as Possible.

In Conclusion

Music is a very Effective and Easiest way to make more Attractive your wishing Website so Add Music on Wishing Website and make your Wishing Website very Attractive and get Huge Traffic on it.

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