Add Widget / Gadget to Blogger: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Information about How you can “Add Widget / Gadget to Blogger” Blog with easy steps.

Add Widget

Add Widget / Gadget to Blogger

Blogger is one of the Biggest Platform which is Used for Create a Blog. And in the Starting every People use Blogger for his First Blog that’s why it’s so Popular. But the Reason to Use Blogger Platform is, it is really very Simple and Easy to Use. So you just Visit on Blogger and Create your own blog.

And if you don’t have one then you can easily Create by Reading our Previous Article¬†How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger Complete Guide¬†so let’s back to on our Topic How to Add Widget / Gadget to Blogger Blog.

To Add any kind of Widgets or Gadget on your Blogger Blog you only need to Follow the Basic Steps such as;

How to Add Widget / Gadget to Blogger Blog

Step 01- Login into your Blogger Blog

Firstly, you need to Login into your Blogger Blog. So first visit on Blogger’s Official Website and then login with your Gmail / Google id and Password.

Step 02- Layout Section

Layout Section

Layout Section is looks like your Website Design, there you got every Options as show on your Blog like Header, Sidebar (Depend on your Theme), Footer and Main (Blog Post) Sections.

With these Options you got a Button to “Add a Widget” so when you want to add any kind of Widget on your Blogger Blog then firstly you need to Click on Add a Widget Option.

Note: On the Layout Section your Got Add a Widget option in every Places like Header, Footer and Sidebar including Main Page. So first you need to Decide which place is good for your Widget and then Click on Add a Widget Option which is shows on that Section.

Step 03- Find your Widget

Find your Widget

Blogger Provides Several Free Widget for you and you can Easily Add and Customize them According your Recruitment.

So when you Clicking on Add a Widget option then first a Pop-Up Window start to Open on your Screen and in this Popup Window you got Several Widgets and if you want to more Widgets then also there has another Option like “More Gadget”.

They help you to Find your Widget which one you Want to add on your Blogger Blog.

Step 04- Add + Button to Add a Widget on your Blog

Now, when you find your Widget, Which one you like to Add on your Blogger Blog then you need to Click on “+” Icon it’s showing forward to your Widget so just click on it and your Widget will be Selected.

Step 05- Configure


After Clicking on the + Icon, an Another Pop-Up Window will be start to Open your Screen in this Page you can Configure your Widget according to your Blog. For Example

Title: Title is the Option where you can Write a Title for your Widget which one you want to Show on your Blogger Blog.

Configuration Setup: This Section gives you Opportunity to to Configure your Widget as your Requirement.

After the Configuration, You only need to Save your Changes, So Click on the Save Button as show on the Pop Up Window and your Widget will be Added on your Blog.

Move Up or Down

After Adding your Widget on your Blogger Blog, you need to Change his Location then you only need to Drag your Widget on that Place where you want to Add and Your Widget will Start to Showing on the New Location.

In Conclusion

Widgets are very Important on the Blogger and with this Service you can easily Add everything on your Blog but Blogger is a Short Platform so you don’t get Enough Widgets but don’t worry because there you Got HTML/Java Script Widget too it’s helps you to Add any other Widget Coding on your Blog. Such as Facebook Like Box, Stylish Subscribe Box, Social Media Icon and so on.

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