Amazon Affiliate Program: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Information about Amazon Affiliate Program, How you can use them and how you can earn them.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

First of All Amazon is one of the largest online store there you got so many kind of Products for Buy and Sell. So the fist Question has comes to you, How we can Sell his Products and Get some Revenue ?

We Explain the Solution with Example: When you start an Online Business then what kind of things you need to sell your Products Online?

The Answer is Promotion, Because when you Promote your Product then everybody know about them and if they are Interested then also they can buy them.

As it is, Amazon also want’s to sell his Products Online that’s why they Create Amazon Affiliate Program. In this Program you can Easily Create your Account and then you are Eligible to Promote his Products on your Sources.

Amazon Affiliate Program Benefits

Amazon Affiliate Program Benefits

You got so many Benefits when you join Amazon Affiliate Program such as:

  • Amazon provide Facility to Monetize your Website with his Banner Ads.
  • If you have a Gadget Blog then you can easily find so many New Gadgets and write a Review Article on your Blog to Promote them with the Affiliate Link.
  • There you got Variety of Products. As we already tell you Amazon is one of the Largest Online Story so there has so many Products for Sell.
  • Amazon gives you Opportunity to Create your Account according to your Geographical space. Such as you want to get US & UK level Products then you can Easily join Amazon US Affiliate Marketing Program. As it is if you Want to Sell his Products in India then also you can Eligible to join his Indian Affiliate Program.

That’s mean they Provides Country Wise Affiliate Marketing Programs so you can use them according to your Blog or Niche.

How to Get Benefit when you Sell Amazon Products

This one is the very Good Question and so many Peoples worry about it so here we give you complete detail.

First when you promote Amazon’s Product on your Sources then Amazon gives you 10% to 15% Commission according to the Product and when any body Buy that Product then Automatically your Commission will be Added on your Amazon Affiliate Account.

Also Amazon gives you another Opportunity if any body visit on Amazon Website via your Shared Affiliate like but they they Don’t buy your Suggest Product but they buy any other Product. So in this Situation you can Get Revenue according to his Buy product.

But the Condition is if that Person Purchase any Product before 24 Hours when He/She clicked on your given Link.

And the other most important thing is when you reached more then $1000 then you can Withdraw your Money on your Account via NEFT or PayPal.

How to Earn Money from Amazon Affiliate Program

If you want to make some good money from Amazon Affiliate Program then first you need to find some good places where you can Promote his Products. Because when you Promote any Product into a Large Number of Audience then you got more Probability to Sell so many Products.

So according to his Terms & Condition when you Sell single Product then you Got 10% to 15% Commission so if you Sell 10-15 Products in a Day then you understand how much Commission you can Earn in a Day.

For the Online Promotion you have large number of Sources such as Website, Blog, YouTube Channel, Social Media Sites, Email Marketing and so on. You can use them and get Huge benefit.

For Example: You have a Blog and you got more then 2000 Traffic in a Day and if you want to promote any Gadget through your Blog then first you need to Write a Review Article on your Blog and Add your Product Affiliate Like into your Article.

Then those peoples who Reached your Blog Post they can Easily get enough Information about that Product and if they are Interested to buy them, then they can Easily Click on your Given link and they are Redirected on Amazon Official Website to Buy your Suggested Products.

As it is if you have YouTube Channel and You want to use it for Affiliate Marketing then you only need to Make a Review Video and then you can easily give your Affiliate Link into the Description Box.

If you want to know how you can Promote Affiliate Products on Social Media Sites then Check our Previous Article 10 Tips to Promote Affiliate Products Using Social Media Sites there you got some other Ideas to use Social Media Sites for Affiliate Marketing.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Account

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Account

Here we give you a Short Information about how you can Create an Amazon Program Account and Detail Article we will Published Soon.

First you need to Visit on Amazon Affiliate Program and then Click on Sign Up Button and fill your Information after Verify your Email Account.

And when your Amazon Affiliate Account will be Approved then you can Add your Bank Detail or PayPal Details for Receive your Payment.

Note: If you wan to Create your Amazon Affiliate Account via your Blog or Website then make sure your Blog Traffic is more then 2000 in a Day and if you want to Make your Amazon Account via Facebook Page.

Then again you need more then 2000 Likes on your Page. The other most Important thing is some peoples always asked on Social Media, Can we Create our Amazon Affiliate Account using our YouTube Channel?

So the answer is No, you can not Create your Amazon Affiliate Account using your YouTube Channel, So don’t try it.

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