Backlink Checker Tools: Backlinks are the most Important thing in the Blogging because if you are a Blogger then first you need so many Quality Backlinks for your Website so In this Article we share Information How you can Check your Backlinks with Backlink Checker Tool.

Backlink Checker Tools

Backlink Checker Tools Information

So Backlink Checker Tools hep you to Analyze how many Backlinks you have for your Website along Do Follow or No Follow. And when you know this Information then you can easily Understand what kind of things you need to do to Rank your Website on the Search Engine.

Why Backlink Checker Tools are Important

As you know Backlinks are most Important in the SEO Prospects and when you Create your Blog then there had already have multiple blogs on the Internet so you need to Rank your Website to Above on them so it’s very Important you create your Backlinks on those Websites there they create.

So with these Tools you can check your and your Competitors Backlinks. We suggest you first you Check all of these tools and then decide which one is good for you and which tool give you full report and also which tool you can easily handle.

5 Free and Paid Backlink Checker Tools

Let’s talk about Backlink Checker Tools information

01- Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tools


Ahrefs is one the most Popular Tool for the SEO because they Provide Multiple Facility. As we are talking about Backlinks so Ahrefs gives you complete Information about Backlinks for Any Website. But this is not a Free tool, if you want to use them for Free then they offer 14 Days Trail.

At this time you can use it free for 14 Days with Free Registration. Now, let’s talk about his Facility.

This tool offers you a great deal of detailed related to all of the Backlinks to your Site with time you can see how your site links are Increasing or Decreasing.

02- Semrush


Semrush is also very Popular and Powerful Tool in the SEO because then Provide Multiple Facility to Analyze your Website SEO Report. Including Backlinks, Keywords, Competitors, Keyword analysis and so on.

With this Tool you can Easily Check how many Quality Backlinks you have for your Website and also you can easily Check which article are better performing in your Blog or Website.

03: Moz


Moz is very Popular Website on the Internet and they Provide Multiple Facilities. So they also Backlink Checker Tools for check your Backlinks. Basically Moz doesn’t provide free tools buy you Create your Free Account for 30 Days.

In the 30 Days you can Easily use that Features and Make some SEO on your Website. As i know Moz is very Trust able website and they Provide good content on his Website so we think his Backlink Checker Tool is also very Good so you can use that and check your and your Competitors Backlinks.

04: Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler is a free tool you can use for free and check your Backlinks. It’s really very Good Tool because they show you how many Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks have on your Website.

And also there you can easily check your Competitors Backlinks too. The best part of this tool you don’t need to Register here, so you can easily use this tool and check your Backlinks i used this Tool for some times and it’s really very good in my eyes.

05: Backlink Watch

backlink watch

Backlink Watch is one is absolutely Free Tool there you don’t need to Create your Account and there you can Easily Check your Backlinks. First more Important thing is this tool gives you complete information about your backlinks such as they are do follow or no follow.

When you want to check your Competitors Backlinks so there you can easily check and if your want to make your own Backlinks on those websites there they Create so you only need to Click on the Links and you will be redirected on the Website.

So with the help of this tool you can easily create your Backlinks and Improve your Blog Ranking. At this time we are using this tool and i really love that because it’s give me opportunity to find my Competitors Backlinks and also we can easily Create our Backlinks on those websites there they are Created.

In Conclusion:

I hope now you are understand how you can check your and your Competitors Backlinks with Backlinks Checker Tool so you must use that tools and after using tell us which tool you thing it’s good for you. Thank you for Reading this Article Keep Visiting.

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