Blogger Menu: In this Article we are going to share information about How to Create Menu and Drop Down Menu on Blogger Blog with Easy Steps in the Blogger Menu article.

Blogger Menu

Blogger Menu

As we all know Blogger is one the Largest Platform in the Blogging Field and so many Peoples use Blogger for his Blog. And as you know if you do not Add best navigation system into your Blog then nobody can easily find your Articles.

So in this Tutorial we are going to tell you How to Create Menu and Drop Down Menu into Blogger Blog. With these Steps you can Easily Create your navigation Blogger Menu.

First you cannot create Direct Categories on Blogger like as a WordPress but there had another Option you can use your Label as your Category.

Let’s understand in Example: You write an article on Food, Health, Festivals, Places and once someone comes to your Website and he want to browse Food Posts by creating a menu tab with the word Food, Blogger will pull up only those posts typically a menu bar is only comprised of static pages or outbound links.

However using a simple formula, you can create your Labels to work as menu bar Items! and then use that Labels as your Category.

First you need to Choose some important words for your Label as we tell you in the Example section, When you write an Article on Food Topic then you must need to use Food Words in the Label section with the same Letters because some times peoples write capital words in his first Post and then write small letter in the second post.

So if you do this kind of mistake then your Category doesn’t work professionally so use same word in your all Topic posts which word you want to write.

How to Create Menu on Blogger Blog

Step- 01: Login into your Blogger Dashboard

First of all you need to Login into your Blogger Dashboard.

Visit on the Blogger Official Website and then login it with your Login Id and Password.

Step- 02: Layout Section (Blogger Menu)

Layout Section


In the Layout Section you Got your Theme Options with some Features which you Already add on your Blog. So first Check your Main Menu Section and then Click on “Add a Widget” Option.

Now you got Several options list in a New Popup Window, there you need to Find Link List Widget as show in the Above image and then click on the Plus (+) Symbol to Add this Widget on your Blog.

Step- 03: Configure Link List (Blogger Menu)

Configure Link List

Now a New Popup Window will be Open on your Screen first you need to give a Name to the Menu so at this time we use “Menu” Word for the Title and then go to New Site Name Option and Write your Topic / Category Name.

For Example: You want to Create a Category for your Food Topic then Write Food Word in the ‘New Site Name’ option.

Now, you need to Add your Label Address in the ‘New Site URL’ Section.

For Example: “”.

After filling these Information Click on the Add Link Option and your Food Menu will be Created. As it is you can Create Multiple Menu Section on your Blog.

How to Create Drop Down Menu on Blogger Blog

Now, you know how to Create Menu on your Blog so lets Create some Drop Down Menus for the Blog.

First of all you need to Follow the Above Steps as we tell you to Create a Menu Option and then Add (_) Symbol Before your ‘New Site Name’.

For Example: You Create a Food Menu on your Blog and now you want to Create a Fruits Menu as a Drop Down Menu so at this time you need to write your Site Name (_fruit) and then Add your Fruit Label Link in the URL Section and your Drop Down Menu will be created on your Blog.

After Creating your Add Menus and Drop Down Menus Click on the Save Button and then Open your Blog and Check your All Menu will be worked sufficiently.

Note: Plate your (_Fruit) Label bellow to (Food) Menu then it’s perfectly work on your Blog.

If you have any other Question about¬†“Blogger Menu” Topic then write your Question in the Comment Box we try to reply you as soon as possible thank you for Reading this Article keep visiting.

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