Blogger VS WordPress: Hello Friend’s today we are going to Discus Blogger VS WordPress which one is Best for Make Money Online and which Platform you need to use for better response.

Blogger VS WordPress

Blogger VS WordPress

We all know Blogger and WordPress both are providing facility to Create a Blog. But the Important Question is which platform is good. Because we all want to Earn Money form our Blog so if we use Better Platform for Blogging then definitely we can easily make money online.

So in this Article we share some Important Point to Understand Blogger VS WordPress which one is Best for us.

01- Facilities

Blogger- Blogger is Google’s Product and Every time Google Add some Facilities and Changes but when we talk about the Blogger then there you don’t get any Major Changes on his Service. That’s mean Which facilities are Available on the Blogger at this time maybe they don’t change after 1 Year.

WordPress- WordPress is very broad service there you get so many different Facilities to create or Customize you Blog. And also there had so many Different Plugins to Add any other Facility into the Blog. So with the help of WordPress you can Easily Create a Responsive Blog for your Online Earning.

02- Ownership

Blogger- Blogger is Google’s Product and it’s absolutely Free that’s mean Google have all the rights to banned you to Login into your Dashboard and also they are free to Remove your Blog on his Service.

WordPress- You Create your WordPress Blog on your own Hosting so you only the Owner of your Content that’s mean it’s all about you how long you want to run your Blog and When you Decide to Close your Blog then Close it.

03- Security

Blogger- Again Blogger is Google’s Product and Google always aware for his Security so you don’t need to take worried about your Blog Security because it is not Possible for anyone to hack your Blogger Blog.

WordPress- WordPress is a Hosting Installed Blog so if your Hosting Package will be Hacked then your Blog also Hacked but don’t worry because there had so many Different Plugins to Make Backup to your Content.

So you can Easily Download your Backup and if you got any kind of Disturbance then you can Install your Blog another Hosting Platform very Easily without any SEO risk.

04- Appearance

Blogger- Blogger gives you limited Templates for your Blog and you can only change his Color and Fonts. You can’t Customize your Template according to you and your services. But you can Download Responsive and Attractive Templates on another Websites. But they are Quite useful.

WordPress- WordPress provide different Free and Paid Responsive Templates for your Blog and also you can Easily Customize them according to your Services. So with the WordPress you can easily create a Responsive Blog.

05- Support

Blogger- Blogger is very Simple Platform and there you don’t need to Customer Support but some time when we got Huge Problem in our Blog then we need some Technical Help. And Blogger don’t gives you any Support for the Blogging not Technical or Theory to Solve your any Problem.

WordPress- WordPress is to Difficult Platform but don’t worry because they gives you 24*7 Hour Technical Support to Solve any kind of Problem. So with the WordPress you can easily run your Blog without any Tension.

06- SEO

Blogger- Blogger gives you Facility to do On Page SEO and Off Page SEO on your Blog. There you can Easily Add your Custom Domain for the Off Page SEO. And when we talking about the On Page SEO then there you can Easily Add Attractive Title, Custom Permalink and Meta Description for Rank your Article in the Search Ranking.

But Blogger doesn’t provide any SEO Plugin or Widget to Understand On Page SEO. So if you want to Rank your Blogger Blog in the Search Engine then you have enough knowledge about SEO.

WordPress- WordPress is Famous for the SEO and there you got Different Plugins to SEO on your Blog. That’s Plugins help you to Understand How much SEO you did into your Article and What kind of things you need to do for the Better Response.

07- Search Ranking

Blogger- Blogger Blog is good for the Search Ranking but you must need to do Enough SEO into your Article and also you need to focus on your Blog Loading Speed because according to the Search Engine Ranking Factor Blog Loading Speed is very Important and Blogger doesn’t provide any Plugin to Improve your Loading Speed.

WordPress- WordPress Blog is Best for the Search Ranking because there you can easily Do On Page SEO in your Article and also with the help of some Plugins you can Easily Improve your Blog Loading Speed too.

In Conclusion on Blogger VS WordPress

According to these Information we suggest you WordPress is best for your Blogger and with the help of WordPress you can easily Rank your Blog on the Search Engine to Get Huge Traffic on your Blog.

And when you got Huge Traffic then Definitely you can Easily Make Money. If you have any other Question then you can Write your Question in the Comment Box we Try to Reply your Comment as soon as possible thank you for Reading this Article keep Visiting.

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