Create Facebook Group: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Information to Create Facebook Group with 5 Easy Steps.

Create Facebook Group

Create Facebook Group

As we all know Facebook is one of the Largest Platform in the Social Media Marketing and when you Create an Organization and you want to Share Information to your Team Members though Facebook then Facebook Group can Help you because there you can Easily Add your Organization Members and they are Free to Share Information to the other Group Members.

And also when you want to Promote any kind of Information on Facebook then Facebook Group is the bestt option for this work because on the Facebook Group you can Share your Images, Videos, GIF, Blog Post Links and so on.

So Facebook Groups are very Important in our Life and if you don’t know How to Create Facebook Group then you are in the Right Place because we gives you Complete Information with the Screen Shots.

How to Create Facebook Group

To Create Facebook Group you only need to Follow these easy steps:

Step 01- Facebook

First of all you need to Visit on Facebook Website and then Login into your Facebook Account.

Step 02- Facebook Group

Facebook Group

When you login into your Facebook Account first you need to Scroll your Left Side Bar and there you Got Create Feature Option with some another Options. In these Options you got a Group Option. So first Click on it and a New Page will be Open on your Screen.

Step 03- Fill this Form

Fill this Form

Now you got a Small Form like show in the Above Image there you need to Write some In-formations such as:

Group Name: Here you need to Write your Facebook Group Name. Which name you like to Create your Facebook Group.

Add Some Peoples: In this Section you need to Select your Some Friend’s to Add into your Group.

Select Privacy: It’s a Privacy Feature there you got some Options like, Public Group, Closed Group and Secret Group. Choose any one which one you Prefer.

And then Click on the Create Option is given End of the Page.

Step 04- Choose an Icon

Choose an Icon

At this time you need to Choose an Icon for your Group. That Icon will show with your Group, It’s look like your Group Symbol so Choose any one which you like and if you think these Icons are not good for your Group then Click on the Skip Button.

Step 05- Upload Cover Photo

Upload Cover Photo

Now, you Facebook Group will be Created and you need to give an Interesting Look for your Group so Add / Upload a Cover Photo.

And done, you Facebook Group will be Successfully Created with these steps. Now you need to do some other Activity to keep safe your Facebook group.

Facebook Group Settings

After Creating a Facebook Group you need to do some Settings for your Group.

01- Pick a Group Type: This option will be Describe your Group type so choose any one which one you think to Good for your Group.

02- Description: In this Option you can Write some Description for your Group and it’s help your Group Members to Understand your Group Purpose and What you want to your Group.

03- Tags: Tags is a Feature to make easy to show your Facebook group in the Search. And Facebook gives you Opportunity to Add 5 Tags for your Group so use this Feature and Write some Best Tags for your Group.

04- Location: This option gives you Facility to Add your Country for better Results. When you Add your Country in this Section then your Countries Peoples easily Find your Group and if they are Interested on your Group then they can Join too.

05- Linked Page: With this Option you can Add your Facebook Page on your Group and it’s help you to Drag traffic on your Facebook Page. It’s a Good Option to Promote your Facebook Page through your Facebook Group.

And if you don’t have a Facebook Page then there had another Option to Create so Click on that Option and then Create your Own Facebook Page too.

06- Member Approval: As his name this feature gives you Facility to Approve any New Request and if you want any body can Easily Join your Group without any Approval Term then select >Any One in the Group and If you want to Check who’s peoples are want’s to Join on your Group then select > Only Admin and Moderator.

07- Post Approval: With this Feature you have Rights to Approve any Content on your Group so Select Admins Only because some peoples share Post Adult Content on the group so with this feature first you Check the Content and when you think it’s good for the Members then Approve that Content to Post on your Group.

In Conclusion: (Create Facebook Group)

I hope with these Steps you can Easily Create your Group on Facebook and Get more Benefit for this Feature. If you have any Other Question about that Topic then Write you Question in the Comment Box. Thank you for Reading this Article Keep Visiting. “Create Facebook Group”

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