Free Blogger Blog: Blog is a Best Option for online earning so if you want to earn money form online then you must create a blog but when you want to start blogging then first you need to understand what is blogging and how it’s works. So in this Article we share information How you can Crate Free Blog on Blogger.

free blog

With the help of Blogger Blog you can Easily Understand what is blogging and how you can improve your blogging. Because when you create a Blog then you have several method to earn money to your blog.

You can Easily Add Adsense Ads on your Blog, you can Join Affiliate Marketing Program, and so on. So as we already said, first you need to understand what is Blogging so you must create a free blog on Blogger.

Blogger and WordPress both are provides facility to create your free blog but WordPress has some Limitation so we suggest you if you are a Beginner and you want to Earn from your Blog then you create your blog on

What things we need to Create a Free Blog on Blogger

When you want to create a free blog on blogger then you must have a Gmail Account. Because Gmail Account is a Basic Requirement to create a Blogger Blog. So if you don’t have a Gmail Account so first create your Gmail Account.

And the Second most important thing is Name. you must choose your Blog name according to your Topic. Because when you choose your blog name to your topic then everybody can easily understand which kind of information you can share on your blog.

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger

To create a Free Blog on Blogger you need to Follow these steps:

Step 01- Open Blogger Official Website

First you need to Open Official Website of You can search on the internet then you can easily find blogger official website on your browser.

Step 02- Create your Account

how to create blog on blogger

Second important thing is you need to Create your Account on Blogger. So first Click on “Create a New Blog” Option it’s appear in Header.

After Clicking the Option you got a Page as show on above. Here you need to Fill some basic information like your Website Title.

When you want to create your blog then first you need to decide a name for your Website.

For Example: Tech to Guru is my Website name so as it is you also need a name for your Website it’s all about you, you can choose any name for your website.

But we suggest you don’t use your name as a website. Because it’s not looks like a Professional.

And then you need to Write your Blog Address. It’s a path of your website with the help of your web address anyone can visit on your website. So write a blog Address related to your blog name.

For Example: Our blog address is “” as it is you also can write your blog address but we tell you it’s my Custom Domain so we use only .com but at the first time you need to take or for your blog. It’s totally free you don’t need to pay for your Blog Address.

Step 03- Choose a Theme for your Blog

Blog theme is very important for you blog because with the theme you can give look for your blog. Blogger provides you so many free Template for your blog these all templates are available in basic version.

So you can easily Customize them according to your Requirement. And after select your Blog Template you need to Click on “Create Blog” Button. Then your Blogger Blog will be Created.

With these easy steps you can create your free blog on blogger. Now we talk his Dashboard.

Add Widgets on Your Blogger Blog

After Create your Blog on Blogger you need to Add Widgets on your Blog. With the Widgets you can easily add navigation system on your blog and also you can add so many different things on your blog.

For Example: Social Media Icon, Popular Post, Category, Search Box, etc.

To add social media icon on your blogger blog you can easily get more likes and followers on your social media accounts. Because your readers can easily find your social media accounts to the click on social media icons.

How to Add Widgets on Blogger Blog

To Add new widget on your blogger blog you need follow these steps:

01- Login into your blogger dashboard.

02- Click on Layout Button is given Left side bar.

how to add widget

03- First you need to Decide where you want to add your Widget For example: Header, Sidebar and Footer.┬áThen click on “Add a Widget” Option.

Add a Widget

04- A new Pop-up Page will be open on your Screen. In this Page you get Blogger Widgets so here you can select widgets which one you want to add on your Blogger Blog.

05- After select your Widget you need to Click on “+” Symbol to Add on your Blog. At this time a New Popup will be open on your Screen here you need to Configure your Widget according to your Requirement.

Configer Widget

For Example: We want to Add Popular Post Widget on my Blogger Blog so first we need to Select Popular Post Widget then Popular Post Widget Configure Box will be open in own Screen and then we need to Configure Popular Post Widget.

First you need Write Title for your Widget as show in the Image and and then you can Configure Most Viewed and Show Option. And after select these options Click on Save Button. And now our Popular Widget is Added on my Blog.

It’s a very Easy way to add any Widget on Blogger Blog. As it is you also can Configure your Blogger Widgets.

Create Content for your Blogger Blog

Content is a very important part in the blogging because if you do not upload content on your blogger blog then no body want to visit on your blog.

Create Pages on your Blog

First you need to Create some Important Pages on your Blogger Blog.

For Example: About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Declaimer Page.

Because when you create a blog then your blog visitors want to know more about you so with these pages you can easily provide your information and motive to create your blog.

To Create a Pages on your Blogger Blog you need to Follow these Steps:

Create a Page

01- Login into your Blogger Dashboard with your Login Id and Password.

02- Now, you need to click on Page Option is given left side bar. for more details check the above image.

03- At this time a New Page will be open in front of you here you have a option “New Page” as we want to create a page so click on it and they you got your page dashboard.

upgrade your page

04- After clicking on New Page option you get a Page Dashboard here first you need to write title of your page.

For Example: If you want to Create your About us Page then you can write About Us in the Title bar.

05- Now, you need to write content in your Page Dashboard. After write your content into your page then click on Publish Button for Publish your Page on your Website.

Write Post on your Blogger Blog

After Creating a Blogger Blog you need to Write some post on your website.

To Create post on your Blogger blog follow these steps:

01- Login into your Blogger Dashboard.

How to Create Post

02- Click on “Post” Option is given in Left hand side bar.

03- Now, click on New Post Option for Create a New Post on your Blogger Blog.

04- After Clicking a New Post Button you got a Post Dashboard here first you need to Write title for your Article.

write article on post

05- And then you can write your Content in the Post Dashboard. And then click on Publish button to publish your Post on your Blogger Blog.

Promote Your Blogger Blog

After Complete all these Process you need to get Traffic on your Blogger Blog. Because without Traffic your Blogger Blog you don’t get benefit of your Blog.

Promote your Blog on Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are very Popular way to get Traffic on your Blog. Here you can Create Social Media Account, Pages, Groups and so on and then you can Share your Blog Post on your Social Media Account. Then your Followers can get Notification for your Latest Post and they visit on your Blog.

Forums Posting

Forums are very popular way to get more traffic on your blog so use them. You can easily Ask your Question in the Forum Groups and also you can answer them any Asked Question with your Blog URL. Then those peoples are interested in your Topic they can click on your Shared link and they will be redirected on your Blog.

Blog Commenting

You can write comment on different blogs with your blog url then those peoples are visit on his blog they can read your Comment and if they want to know more about you so they can Click on your name and they will be redirected on your Blog.

It’s a very easy and Popular way to Generate more Traffic on your Blog.

In Conclusion:

I Hope now you understand how you can create your Blog on Blogger and how you can use it if you have any other question about blogger blog then write in the comment box we try to reply you as soon as possible thank you for reading this article keep visiting.

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