How to Create Website: Website is a very easy way to Promote your Content and also best medium for Connect with your Audience. So if you are Business Man then you must need to Create Website for your Business.

create website

Create Website. In this Article we will show you how to create website. With this Tutorial you can easily make your own Website for your Business. And also if you want to earn money online then Website is good option for you because you can easily add, Ads on your Website for your Online Earning.

What things we need for Create Website

To create a professional website for your Business, you need to have more information about these things.

Point 01- Website Name for your Create Website

When you decide to make your own website then first you need a name for your website. Because when you Add a Name for your website then peoples can easily find your website on the Internet.

For Example: Our website name is “Tech to Guru” so when anybody want’s to visit on our Website then they only need to Search “Tech to Guru” on the Search Engine. And search engine show you our Website.

Name is very Important for the create website because without name nobody can find your website on the internet so first you need to Decide a Name for your Website.

Point 02- A Domain Name

Domain Name is a Address for your Website. When you create Website then you also need to run your Website on the Internet and without Domain Name it’s not Possible. Because without Domain Name Search Engine can never Find your Website.

So second Important thing is Domain Name. When you Choose a Domain Name for your Website then Search Engine easily understand what’s the path for visit on your website.

And also if you want to do SEO on your Website then without a Custom Domain you can never do that so first Buy a Custom Domain according to your Niche. “Create Website”

Point 03- Choose your Hosting Partner

On the Internet have so many Different Companies for Web-hosting. So first you need to decide which hosting provider company is good for your website. Because every hosting provider company provides different facility with web-hosting.

And also some Hosting Provider Companies are Trust-able and those hosting are perform very well. So here we share some Hosting Provider Company Website List you can choose which one is good for you.


01- Godaddy

02- Hostgator

03- Bluehost

There are more Trust-able companies in the Hosting provider Companies and every Blogger always prefer to buy Hosting with these Companies. So if you are a Beginner then you also can buy Hosting with these Companies. Create Website

Point 04- Choose your Hosting Plane

Now, you need to choose which hosting plane is good for your website. As we already tell you there had different hosting provider companies and they provides different facilities. So you need to decide which type of hosting is good for your create website.

For Example: Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Windows Hosting.

These all kinds of hostings are good for a website. But we suggest you choose Web Hosting Option for your Website. Because this hosting is available in very Cheep price with good services.

So After Choosing your Hosting Type then you need to Select your Hosting Plane. Because the hosting plane has way to decide which kind of services you want for your website.

For Example: Hatchling Plane, Baby Plan and Business Plan.

Hosting Plan

Hatchling Plan: If you want to Create a Single Website then Hatchling plane is good for you because with the hatchling plane you can host one Website on your Hosting Pannel.

Baby Plane: If you want to Create Multiple website in one Web Hosting then Baby Plane is good option for you because baby plane provides facility to host your multiple websites in one Control Pannel.

Business Plan: And Now, if you want to Create a Website for your Business then you need to buy a Business Plane for your Website. Because with this plane you can easily Handel your Traffic.

I hope with these Information you can easily understand which hosting is good for your Website. Because it’s all depend on your need and here we tell you every important things to buy your first Web Hosting.

Point 05- Choose your Platform

Website Platform is known as Content Management System (CMS). It’s a Platform where you can Changes into your Website like Pages, Posts, and Layout. The Platform provides you facility to upgrade your website in regular basis.

Platform is a Back Bone of your Website where you Manage all important things just like some houses are build from stone and some are build from wood. As well as your Website build upon to your Chosen Platform.

On the Internet has so many Different Platforms for Create a Website but we Suggest you to use WordPress. Because WordPress Provides so many Facility to Create a Responsive Website.

These are some very Popular Platforms:

01- WordPress:


WordPress is a very Popular Platform and so many peoples can use WordPress for Create a Website.

WordPress Dashboard Provides you facility to Create a New Posts and Pages on your Website and also his Interface is very Simple.

And also there have so many Plugins too. So with the help of Plugins you can Add anything on your Website there had lots of Plugins for every Programs.

For Example: Social Media Icons, Social Pages, SEO, Text and so on.

These Plugins are Available in Free and Premium. So if you can use them according to you.

02- Joomla:


Joomla is also like a WordPress his Interface is also very Simple. Joomla also provides you so many Free Plugins. So you can easily Customize your Website using his Plugins but we tell you his plugins are not always Tested, so they can pose some security risk for your Website.

03- Drupal:


Drupal is a very Complicated Platform according to WordPres and Joomla. But Drupal Plugins are so Advances so when you create your Website on Drupal then you don’t have worry about Security Risk.

Because Drupla Plugins offers modules, and Drupla indicates which of these modules are being actively developed, which in turn help you avoid the security risk.

But we Recommend you Choose WordPress Platform for your Website. It’s powerful to accomplish just about anything, without the difficulty of Drupal or Joomla. So you can Easily Create your Website on WordPress without any Technical Issues.

Point 06- Install WordPress on your Hosting Pannel

First you need to Install WordPress on your Hosting Pannel it’s very Easy you only need to following bellow steps:

Step 01- Add your Domain on your Hosting.

First, you need to Add your Domain Name with your Hosting.

If you Buy Hosting with Hostgator and if you buy your Domain with Godaddy then first you need to login into both Account and then you can Add your Domain Name on Hostgator. And to Verify it’s your you need to Add your Name Server on your Godaddy Account and that’s it.

It’s a very easy process to Add your Domain Name with your Hosting Partner.

Step 02- Install WordPress

Now, you need to open your C-Pannel.

Look for the WordPress or WordPress Icon. Mostly is given Bellow on the Page.

Choose your Domain Name where you want to Install your WordPress Website. For Example your Domain Name is “” then select that and if you add multiple domains on your Hosting then select that domain where you want to Install your WordPress.

And then you need to Enter your Login Details like User Id and Password and then you can Click on Install Button.

Now, your WordPres Installation will be Started and after Complete the Installation you need to Login your WordPress Dashboard.

Point 07- Install your Theme

Theme is very Important for every website because theme determine the look and feel of your website. And the Good News is WordPress Provides so many Free Themes so you only need to Select which theme is good for your Website.

There has lots of Theme for every kind of Website. For Example: If you want to Create a News Website then Yes there had a NewsPaper Theme, If you want to create a Sports Wesbite then also there had a Mag sine Theme.

If you do not find Theme for your Website then you can easily Buy a Theme in very low Price.

So, Now we Talking how you can Install a Theme on your WordPress Website.


  • First you need to Click on Appearance Option.
  • Select which theme is good for your Website.
  • Click on Install Button to Download Theme.
  • Click on Activate Button and Theme will be Added on your Website.

It’s a very Easy way to Add any Theme on your Website. and if you Download your Theme on any other Sources then you can Upload your Theme and Then click on Activate Button.

Point 08- Install Plugins on your Website

Now you need to Install Plugins on your Website. As we already tell you there had lots of Plugins for every Function. So you only need to Decide which Option you want to Add on your Website.

For Example: Everybody want’s to Add Social Media Icons on his Website so there we Explain you how you can Add Social Media Icons Plugin on your Website. There for you can easily understand how you can add any plugin on your Website.

install plugin

  • First, Click on Plugins Option.
  • Now, you need to Click on Add New Button. For Add new Plugin on your Website.
  • There had two Options to Add any Plugins on your Website first one is Upload Plugin. If you Download any Plugin on any other Website then you can Upload your Plugin but if you want to Install Plugin on direct then there had a Search Box for search a plugin.
  • As we need to Install Social Icon Plugin so we need to Search Social Icons. And then you got so many Different Plugins for Social Media Icons. So we suggest you, Choose only that plugin who have so many Installation and also his Ratings are Good.
  • Then you can Click on Install Button. And now your Social Media Icon Plugin will be Start to Download. After Complete the Download you need to Click on Activate Button.
  • And then your Social Media Plugin will be Activated on your Website. Now you need to Configure your Social Media Plugin and then it will be worked.

Point 09- Create Content for your Website

Now, your Website will be Ready so you need to Create or Add Content on your Website. So i am Showing you how you can Create Content on your Website.

Create a Page

Create a Page

  • To Create a Page on WordPress you need to Follow these Steps:
  • Login to your WordPress Website Dashboard.
  • Click on Pages Option and then click on Add New Option to Create a New Page on your Website.
  • First you need to write a Title for your Page. For Example: If you want to Crate a About Us Page then you need to Write About Us as Title in the Title Box.
  • After written a Title your page you need to Write Text Content in your Page. and also if you want to Add Images and Videos in your Page then you also add there.
  • When you Write your Content you only need to Click on Publish Button for Publish your Page on your Website.

Create a Post

Create a Post

  • To Create a Post on your WordPress Website you need to Follow these steps:
  • First you need to login into your WordPress Website Dashboard.
  • Click on Post Option and then Click on Add New Button to Create a New Post.
  • Now, you need to Write a Title for your Post.
  • And then you can Write Text Content in the Dashboard. also you can add Images and Videos with the Text Content.
  • When you created your Content Click on Publish Button. And your Article will be Published on your Website.

Point 10- Promote your Website

Website Promotion is very Important because when you create your Website you need to get more Traffic on your Website because without Traffic you never get Benefit to your Website. So there had some very Popular way to promote your Website online.

Share your Article on Social Media Sites.

First you can Promote your Website on the Social Media Sites. For Example:

Facebook Page:

Facebook Page is very Popular way to Promote your Website to your Fans. When you shared any Link or Post on your Facebook Page then your Facebook Fans get a Notification for your Post and they can Visit on your Website through Click on your Shared Link.

It’s a very Easy and Popular way to Increase Traffic on your Website and beside you can Share your Page Post on your Timeline and Facebook Groups too.

Google Plus:

Google Plus is a very Popular Platform so you must share your Website on Google Plus.

There you can use Google Plus Page and also you can use Community and Groups for Promote your Website. With the help of Google Plus you can easily generate so much traffic on your website.

Pinterest Page:

Pinterest is an Image Sharing Website and you can Create a Board for shared your Blog Post Images. When you want to share your Blog Post Images on your Pinterest Board then you can easily add your Blog Post URL with your Images.

It’s a very Easy way to Promote your Website on the Pinterest.


Twitter is a very Popular way to Promote your Website on the Internet there you can easily Share your Article Link with an Attractive Description.

We Suggest you Timing is very Important for Promote any kind of Content on the Social Media you can Assume which time Peoples can Click on your Share.

It’s helps you to decide which time is good for your Social Share.

Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is very Popular and Useful way to generate Traffic on your Website and also when you start written post on different websites then you not Generate traffic on our website along with you can generate Quality Backlinks too.

For the Off Page SEO Backlinks are very important part in the blogging so you must write Guest post for your Blog.

Forum Posting

Forums are very Popular on the Internet and when you Create a Website then you can Easily Join Forums according to your Topic and then you can easily share your Articles in the Forum Groups. Create Website

Forums groups allow you to ask Question about your Topic and also if you want to give answer for Asked Question then also you can do that along with your Blog Post URL.

In Conclusion Create Website

Website is a very Best and Popular Option to promote your Business online and also you can earn from your website so i hope with the help of this article you can easily understand how you can create your Professional Website.

If you have any other question related to website or blogging then you must write in the comment box we try to reply you as soon as possible thank you for reading this article keep visiting. “Create Website”

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