Create YouTube Channel: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Information about how you can Create YouTube Channel.

Create YouTube Channel

Create YouTube Channel

Now, YouTube is one of the most Popular Social Media Network and Millions of people use YouTube at this time. The Interesting fact is you can easily Create your own YouTube Channel and then you are eligible to Upload your Videos.

But the Question is why i need to Upload Videos on YouTube? Then the Answer is YouTube give you Opportunity to Monetize your YouTube Channel and then Different Ads will be start to showing on your Videos and you get Easy Money.

Seriously it’s Possible? Yes it is Possible and we already have a YouTube Channel Tech By RS and we uploaded daily New Video on our Channel. Well let’s talk about How you can Create YouTube Channel easily.

Recruitments to Create YouTube Channel

First we need to talk about what kind of things you need to Create YouTube Channel.

01. Gmail or Google Account

When you want to Create YouTube Channel then you must have a Gmail or Google Account.

02. Mobile Number

Mobile Number is used for Verification. Because if you don’t have a Verified YouTube Channel then you cannot eligible to Upload Longer Videos like if you have a Video and his duration is more then 3 Minutes and you don’t have a Verified YouTube Channel then in this Condition YouTube doesn’t allow you to Upload your Video.

So when you create a YouTube Channel then first you need to Verify it.

How to Create YouTube Channel with Easy Steps

Now, come to the Point How to Create YouTube Channel, So you only need to follow these steps-

Step- 01 YouTube

First you need to visit on YouTube and click on the Sign In Option. You can Login with your Gmail or Google Account.

Step- 02 My Channel

Now, you got your Gmail or Google Icon on the YouTube. So click on it and then a Small List will be open on your Screen. for more details check the Above Image.

In this list, you got different options but you only need to Click on My Channel Option. And a New Page will be start to open on your Screen.

Step- 03 YouTube Channel Name

Okay, at this time first you need to Write your YouTube Channel Name. YouTube give you two Options to write a Name like First Name and Last Name. So use it and Write a Specific Name for your YouTube Channel.

After written a Name for your YouTube Channel then click on the “Create Channel” Option. It’s available below on your YouTube Channel Name Box.

And your YouTube Channel will be Created. See it’s a really very Simple now you can Add your YouTube Channel Description, Channel Art and Channel Icon to make your YouTube Channel Attractive.

How to Verify YouTube Channel

Now, your YouTube Channel will be Created and you need to Verify your YouTube Channel so as we already tell you, you must need a Mobile Number for the Verification so let’s follow these steps-

Step 01. Creator Studio

Now, again you need to Click on your Icon as show on the Top of the Right hand Side and then a Small list will be start to open on your Screen. Here you got a Option “Creator Studio” so click on it. For more Details check the Above Image.

Step 02. Channel Option

After clicking on the Creator Studio Option a New Page will be start to open on your Screen and in this Page you got lot’s of Options in the Left Sidebar.

So scroll that page down and you got a Option “Channel” in the Left Side Bar so click on it and a New Page will be start to Open on your Screen.

Now, in this Page check the Top Options and there you got a Option Verify forward to your YouTube Channel Name so first click on the Verify Button and now Verification Page will be start to open on your Screen.

Step 03- Select your Country and Verification Method

First you need to Select your Country and then Select your Verification Method. As YouTube give you two Options for the Verification first on is you can get your Verification Code by Phone Call and Second one is You can Get your Verification Code by Message.

So choose any one which one you like and now, a some other boxes will be start to display on your screen.

Step 04- Enter your Mobile Number

In this page first you need to Enter your Mobile Number and then click on the Submit Button now YouTube send your Verification Code on your given Mobile Number.

Enter your Verification Code and click on the Submit Button. Now, you got a New Page here a Message will be showing your YouTube Channel is Verified.

In Conclusion

I hope with these steps you can easily create your YouTube Channel and if you face any kind of Issue then write your Question in the Comment box and we will try to Help you as soon as Possible.

YouTube is a very Good Platform and if you want to make your own Audience and if you want to promote your Content Online then YouTube is a Good Option for you because Videos are very easy way to Communicate anybody.

So create your own YouTube Channel and Earn Money on them Thank you for Reading this Article keep visiting.

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