Event Blogging Tutorial: Event Blogging is a very Popular way to Earn Huge Money Online. So many Bloggers can Create his event blog and they earn really very good amount of money so if you also interested to Create your Event Blog then this Article can is very helpful for you.

Event Blogging

Event Blogging is a Process there you can create a Blog to Target any Event. With the Event Blog you will make Money from niche sites created for Events like New Year, Christmas, Diwali or Any Popular News, where the purpose is to earn Quick Money through Adsense, Affiliate Marketting, Infolinks or Other Network.

As you already know if you need earn lots of earning from your blog then you must need to promote your event blog on different platforms and get lots of traffic on your Blog. Because the same event won’t regularly happen unless they are regular seminars or workshops. In this Article we are going to show you how you can do event blogging and make huge money.

So, Let us now follow the bellow mentioned complete guide for event blogging tutorial.

Event Blogging Tutorial

Event Blogging is when we create a blog to target any event that’s called event Blog. It’s a very easy way to earn lots of earning in only One to Two weeks. At this time so many Bloggers can use Event Blogging from his Earning and they earn huge money. If you also interested to Earn Money from Blogging then Even Blogging is a Good Option for you.

Best Platform to Create Event Blog

Two types of Platforms are most Popular in the Blogging Field and both are best so here we describe some interesting and Important points to Understand which one is good for your Event Blog.

Blogger Platform

Blogger is produced by Google and it’s very Popular Platform in the Blogging. So many Bloggers can use Blogger for his Blog. The Best part of the Blogger is If you want to Create your Blog on Blogger then you don’t need to buy Webhosting because your all data will be stored on the Google. So you create your Blog using Blogging in very Low Price.

01- Custom Domain: is very Important to Rank any Blog in the Search Results and Blogger provides a Facility add your Custom domain to your blogger blog. So you can Buy a Custom Domain according to your Event Blog and then Add with your Blogger Blog.

02- Blog Traffic: Blog can easily handle huge traffic on your Blog. As we already tell you your all content will be stored on the Google and google capable to handle huge traffic that’s why we suggest you, you can create your blog on Blogger platform.

03- Responsive Design: You can easily Add Responsive Template on your Blogger Blog. On the Internet had different websites they provide Responsive Templates in very low price and also you can use Responsive templates in Free version too.

04- Search Ranking: Blogger has google product so when you create your blog on blogger then there had more probability to rank your blog on the Search Engines.

05- SEO: Blogger is capable to do On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. There you can easily Customize your Title, Permalink, Description and Image. They can help you to do On Page SEO on your Event Blog.

WordPress Platform

WordPress is one of the most popular platform in the Blogging Field because you can easily handle On Page SEO on your WordPress Blog. There had some Extra information about WordPress.

01- Buy Hosting: When you want to Create your Blog on WordPress then you must have a good hosting because if you buy Cheep hosting for your WP Blog then there had more Probability when you got Huge Traffic then your Blog will be Crashed. So If you want to create your Blog on WordPress then you must buy Best Hosting Plan for your Event Blog.

02- Custom Domain: Custom Domain is necessary thing in the Blogging so you must buy a Custom Domain for your WordPress Blog.

03- Responsive Design: WordPress Provide facility to Optimize your Theme according to you so you can easily optimize your WP Theme for your Event Blog. So you can Easily create your WP Blog with Responsive Design.

04- Search Ranking: As we already tell you WordPress is best for the On Page SEO so when you create your blog on WordPress then there had more Probability to Rank your Website in the Search Engines.

How to Start Event Blogging

To Start an Event Blogging you must have some Important things:

01- A Topic for your Blog (Event)

02- Platform where you create your Blog.

03- Custom Domain.

04- Responsive Design

05- Good Knowledge of On Page SEO & Off Page SEO.

Key Factors of Successful Event Blog

Successful Blog is very Important for the Earning so here we share some very important Points they will help you to understand.

01- Effective Branding

Branding is very Important in the Blogging Field so if you want to make a popular blog on the internet then you must create Branding for your Blog. There had several ways to create effective branding for blog.

A- Custom Logo: As you know every Companies has own logo that represent his company so when you create a blog then you must create you logo for your blog. With the logo you can easily promote your Blog on Social Media Sites, Email Marketing, and so on.

Logo will help you to create Branding for your Blog.

B- Social Media Pages: Social Media Sites allow you to create Pages so when you create a Blog then you must create Social Media Pages according to your Blog.

C- YouTube Channel: YouTube is second popular search engine in the world so you can easily promote your blog on YouTube using Channel. There you can Create Videos on your Topic and also you can share your Blog or Blog Post link in the Description Box.

D- Forums: Forums are very popular way to Create Branding for your Blog because there you can easily ask your Question or Tell your Facilities to People.

02- Responsive Design

Blog Theme and Design Both are very Important for every Blog because when you create a Responsive blog then you blog will be easily open on any Device like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop.

If you Blog Design is not responsive then it doesn’t perform well on several devices so make sure your Blog Design has Responsive.

Blogger and WordPress both are Provide Facility to Add Responsive Templates on your blog so you can Download Responsive Template on the Internet and Install on your Blog.

03- Understand Your Customers

When you create a Blog then first you need to Understand what kind of Content Peoples want’s to you because then you can easily create your Content for your Readers.

Several times we create our Content for our Blog but we don’t understand what kind of content people want’s to us it’s a very big reason to failure of the blog. So first you need to Understand what kind of Topic or Content peoples want’s to you and then create your content on your blog.

How to Create Backlinks for Event Blog

Backlinks are very Important to Rank every Blog in the Search Engine. Two types of Backlinks you need to Create for your Blog first one is Do Follow Backlinks and Second one is No Follow Backlinks Both kind of Backlinks are very Important for every Blogs.

Let’s talk about how you can create Do Follow or No Follow Backlinks:

1- Blog Directory Sites

Blog Directory Sites are very Popular way to Create Do Follow Backlinks for your Blog so you can Submit your Website on the different Blog Directory Sites. So many Blog Directory sites are provide facility to create backlinks for Free so you can choose free websites to Submit your Blog.

02- Forums

Forums are also very Popular way to Create Do Follow Backlinks for your Blog so you only need to Find which kind of Forums are your Niche and then then you can Submit your Blog on the Forum.

03- Blog Commenting

Several Blogs are gives Do Follow Backlinks in the Comment Section but mostly blogs are gives you No Follow Backlinks. No Follow Backlinks are very Important to Rank your Blog in the Search Engine. We Suggest you only Create your Comment on those Blogs who are Niche on your Topic.

04- Guest Posting

Guest Posting is very Popular way to create Do Follow Backlinks so with this method you can easily Create Content for Different Blogs and there you can Add your Blog URL too.

05- Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites gives you Do Follow Backlinks so must submit your Blog on Different Bookmarking Sites.

On the Internet has different Social Bookmarking Sites there there you only need to Create your Account on them and then you can Submit your posts.

06- Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools will help you to submit your Website on the Search Engines so you can Submit your Website on Different Webmaster Tools such as: Google Webmaster Tool, Bing Webmaster Tool.

07- Pinging

Pinging is another Option to Submit your Blog Post Fast in the Search Results and also when you Ping your Blog Posts then also you can create some quality backlinks for your blog.

08- Question Answering Sites

Question Answering Sites Provides facility to Ask your Questions to other Bloggers or Users and also you can Given Answers question to already Ask by some one. Using Question Answering Sites you can Add your Website URL with your Question and Answer.

Elements of Good Event Blog

A Clear Description

When you Create a Blog on Blogger or WordPress then they provides you Facility to Write Description for your Blog. Description is very Important thing for every Blog because to your Description Readers can Easily understand what kind of Content they get to Visit on your Blog.

Also you can Add Description on your Blog Post too.

Navigation System

Navigation System Provides facility to Navigate your Blog. With the Navigation system you can Easily drive traffic on your Different Posts. And also Navigation System is very Important for every Responsive Blog. You can Add Menu Bar, Popular Posts, Category etc. for good Navigation System.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is like a Spider Network for the Blog. When you Link your Article with different articles then you can easily drive traffic on your Different Articles. Internal Links are very Important in On Page SEO prospective.

Popular Mistakes to Avoid in your Event Blog

Don’t Use Popup Ads on Your Blog

Popup Ads are creating bad effect for your Blog when you use Popup ads on your Blog then those people who visit on your Blog they are facing problems to Navigate your Blog so don’t use Popup Ads on your Blog.

Keyword Stuffing

We show that some Bloggers can Add his Focused Keyword in Several Times in one Place or they can Add Image Alt Tags on All Images it’s really very Bad for Blog Ranking.

When you add your Focused Keyword in Multiple times then it’s called Keyword Stuffing. So Add your Keyword in only Necessary places.

Too Much Content in one Page

If you want to create a Competitive Article then you must need to Write your Blog Post above 1000 words but in the Event Blogging you need to create maximum posts on your blog so you can write Short Articles for your Event Blogs.

In Conclusion (Event Blogging Tutorial)

Even Blogging is a very Good Option to Earn Money from your Blog so if you are a Beginner then Event Blogging is good for you use these techniques to create your event Blog.

If you have any other Question about Event Blogging then write your question in the Comment box we try to Reply you as soon as possible thank you for reading this article keep visiting.

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