Facebook Business Page: Hello Friend’s in this article we share information how you can Create your Facebook Business Page in very Easy Steps.

Facebook Business Page

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page is very Important for every Blogger, YouTuber and Business Person because with the Facebook Page you can easily promote your Product on Facebook and also you can get more Followers. That’s why every Business Person can Create his Facebook Page.

With the Facebook Page can gives you a Professional and Proper way to Promote your Products on Facebook. So if you don’t have your Facebook Business Page then don’t worry because in this Article we share information how you can create your facebook business page in very easy steps.

Login into your Facebook Account

First you need to Login into your Facebook Account with your Login Id and Password. If you don’t have Facebook Account then first Create a Facebook Account using your Gmail Account or Mobile Number.

01- Sign Up

Login Into Facebook Account

To Create a Facebook Business Page then first you need to Click on Create Page Option is Given Bellow in the Left Side Bar and Top right corner. Now you got several Business Pages Option including “Local Business or Brand”.

Select one of which you like you create for your Business. If your Business type fall into more than one category options, choose the one it best aligns with.

Enter your Business or Page Details like Page Name, Category, Address, Postal Code and Mobile Number. After fill these information’s you need to Click on “Get Started” Button as Given Bellow on that page.

02- Add your Profile Picture

Add your Profile Picture

Now, you need to add your Profile Picture. You can add your Personal Image or Website Logo for your Profile. We will Suggest you, you can add your Website Logo into your Facebook Business Page because it’s helps you to promote your Page on Facebook Account and also it’s looks Professional.

Professionalism is very Important in Online Promotion. So there you add your Website Logo as your Profile Picture. If you don’t have Website Logo at this time so don’t worry you can add your profile picture before creating your page. So you just click on “Skip” button.

03- Add your Cover Photo

Add a Cover Photo

Cover Photo is also very Important for Business it’s help you attract visitors to your Page so you must add cover photo on your page. On the Internet has so many different Cover Photos there you can easily Download best cover photo for your Business Page and if you want to upload your cover photo later then click on Skip Button.

Now your Facebook Page Will be Created.

04- Add Call to Action Button

call to action button

If you have a Website then you can Add your Website URL into your Business Page using button. Facebook provides facility to Add Different Kinds of Button on your Page. Such as: Book Services, Get in Touch, Learn More, Make a Purchase or Donate and Download Game or App.

You can Select which kind of Button you need to use into your Business Page.

For Example: You want to Add your Website URL into “Learn More” Button so first you Select Learn More Option and then you got Two Options such as: Watch Videos or Learn More.

There you can Add your YouTube Channel URL or Website URL so as you want to add your Website URL so Click on Website URL Option. Here you need to Enter your Website URL. We suggest you add your Website URL with http or https.

After Add your Website URL you can Click on Add Button. And now your Learn More Button will be Active on your Facebook Business Page.

05- Review your Settings

Now you need to Review your Facebook Business Page Setting is given Top right hand corner of the page. Here you can administer the page, where the page is visible, what words are banned into your page, who has favorite the page and so on.

Take a few minutes to go through each setting function and make sure that it’s properly optimized for how you want to manage your page and how you want your audience to interact with it.

Start Engaging People to Your Facebook Business Page

Give your Facebook Business Page a bit of nudge. Invite your Friend’s & Family Members to like your page. And also you can Promote your Page on Other Sources like Twitter, Google Plus and Email Marketing.

You can Add your Facebook Page link into your Website/Blog or YouTube Channel for better response.

 In Conclusion

Facebook Page will helps you to Engage Peoples on your Website or Business so you must Create your Business Page. I hope with these Information you can easily Create your Facebook Business Page.

If you have any other Question then you must write in the Comment Box we will try to Reply you as soon as possible.

Thank you For Reading this Article Keep Visiting.

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