Facebook Creators Feature App: Hello Friend’s today we are going to Share Information about Facebook Creators Feature App actually recently facebook announced his new feature app for those People who are Interested to Create Videos for Online Earning.

Facebook Creators Feature App

Information about Facebook Creators Feature App

Facebook has Launched his New Facebook Creators Feature App for those Peoples who are Created Videos on YouTube because they can Easily get Benefit for this Feature because in this Feature Facebook Gives you Opportunity to Monetize your Videos.

So when your Videos are Monetized then Ads will be Show on your Videos and you will get Money from the Ads so if you are a Video Creator then it’s really very Good New for you. But at this time this App will be under maintenance so at this time you can Create your Account and when this Feature will be ready to use then you can Use them.

If you want to Download and Install this App into your Smart Phone so we tell you this App is now Available for only IPhone users but don’t worry his IOS App will be lunched soon. Let’s talk about how you can Create your Account on Facebook Creators Feature App.

How to Create Account on Facebook Creators Feature App

To Create your Account on Facebook Creators Feature App then you need to Follow some Easy Steps as given bellow:

Step 01- Visit on Facebook Creators Feature App

First you need to Open Facebook Creators Feature App on your Device.

Step 02- Sign in with Facebook Account

I hope you already have your Facebook Account so first Login into your Facebook Account and then Click on “Sign in with Facebook” and now you will be Logged in this feature. After Login your Account you need to Fill a Small (Required) Form.

How to Fill Facebook Creators Feature App Form

There had some Basic Question about you and your Videos.

 Active Email Address

When you Logged in with your Facebook Account then you don’t need to Enter your Email Address because they Already get your Email Account by your Facebook.

What Category Best Describe your Online Videos ?

Now you need to Select a Category who Describe your Online Videos so there had a Small Icon, you can click on it and they you got a Small List there have so many Different Categories so you can Select any one which is good for your Videos.

For Example: We create our Videos on Tech Category so we Select “Science and Tech” for our Videos. As it is you also Select any one which will be describe your Videos.

Which on the Following Best Describe You ? Select one

In this Option you got some Points and you need to Select any one which one is Best Describe you basically it’s about your Videos, they want’s to Know why you create your Videos. So now let’s talk about his Options.

  1. I Create Online Videos once in a while just for Fun.
  2. Create Online Videos Regularly as a Hobby.
  3. I Create Online Videos as a part time Occupation.
  4. I Create Online Videos as a Full time Occupation.
  5. Non of the Above.

So there you can Select any one Option which is you thing it’s good for you.

Please List your Account URLs where your Currently Post your Videos ?

I think they want to Watch your Videos for better understand your Videos and then they give your Approval so you must Give your YouTube Channel URL, Twitter URL and if you Upload your Videos on Facebook Page then you can Add your Facebook Page URL in the Other Option.

Let’s talk about which Account URLs they need:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Musical.ly
  • Other

We suggest you Add your YouTube Channel URL and your Twitter URL and if you update your Videos Information on the Other Features then you also Add they URL in this Feature.

After Enter your URLs first Check you gives your Correct URLs or Not and then Click on “Let’s Do This” Icon as Given Bellow on the Page.

Now your Request will be Send on the Facebook Creators Feature App and when your Account will be Approved then they Send your Email and give you other Instructions to Upload and Monetize your Videos.

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