Image Optimization- Image Optimization is Technique there we learn how we can optimize our web Image for better response. When we create a blog or website then we use Images in every Post. As we know Search Engine doesn’t read our Images so we need to make our Image Understandable for Search Engine.

Image Optimization

Images can helps to Enter your Targeted Keyword and also it’s help on Off Page SEO. Because when you share your article on the social media sites then there Images are very Important for Attract more visitors. “10 Best Image Optimization Techniques”

So in this article we share some very Important and Interesting tips to for Image Optimization. With these tips you can easily optimize your Image and it’s help you to improve your Page Ranking.

10 Best Image Optimization Techniques

There had so many Techniques for Optimize your Images but we share only those Techniques and Tips which are helps you to improve your Blog Ranking and Website Loading Speed.

01- Post Related Images

First you need to Select only those images who’s Related to your Article. Because a Image will be Capable to Explain your Topic and when you upload Image according to your Topic then your Readers easily understand what things you trying to Explain.

Post Related Images are very Helpful for Off Page SEO Because when we share our Article on the Social Media Sites then there your Article image also show with your Shared Link. So Post Related Image help you to Attract more Visitors on your Social Media Accounts.

For Example: We want to Create an Article on “Image Optimization Techniques” and there we use SEO Image with the Text “Image Optimization Techniques” then everyone can easily understand why Image Optimization is Good for him. And therefor if we use “Blogger” Image with Text “Image Optimization Techniques” then our Visitors can Confused it’s only works on Blogger Platform. So Topic Related Images are very Useful for our Article and you must use only those image who’s related to your Article.

02- Use Few Images into your Article

Some times we want to Explain our Article with the help of Images. Then our Article will be become more Attractive and more Understandable. But it also take time to open. That’s why our Website Loading Speed has been effected to our Image.

So you must need only 1 image into your Article. Because images are responsible to reduce your loading speed.

Search Engine only shows those website in the Top Search Results who have good loading speed because search engine want’s gives result Instantly and if your Website takes time to Loading then Search Engine show your Website Bellow in the Search results. So you must need to focus on your Website Loading Speed.

03- Don’t use Copyrighted Images Into your Article

When you Download Image on the Internet then there had more Chances for that the Image will be Copyrighted. Because Google Images shows those Images who are already Uploaded into any Website.

It’s like you can visit on any Website and then you can Download his Image. So use only Copyright Free Images into your Website.

On the Internet have so many different websites they gives you copyrighted free Images without any coast.

When you use Copyrighted Image into your Website then you lost your Originality and also Image Owner can gives you Copyright Strike. So be aware for Copyrighted Images.

04- Compress your Image before Uploading

As you already know Image Size is more then Text size so when you use Heavy Images into your Website then you lots your Website Loading Speed and Google uses page load time as a factor in their ranking algorithm.

So you must need to Compress your Image before Upload into your Website. Because when you Compress your Image then your Image Size will be Reduced and then it’s capable to Upload on your Website.

We suggest you, use only 40-50KB Images into your Website because this is a good size for the Image.

How to Compress Image Size without Loosing his Quality

There had two options to Compress your Image First one is Online and Second one is Offline.

Online Method to Compress Image Size

On the Internet had so many Different Tools for Compress your Image. (Toolur, Compress JPEG) these tools are free so you can use that tool absolutely free. The best part of these tools you can Compress your Image Size without loosing his quality.

Offline Method to Compress Image Size

Photoshop and MS Office both are best to Compress your Image Size without loosing his quality but you must have information how you can use Photoshop. Because Photoshop has so many different Functions. But when you learn Photoshop then you can easily reduce your image size.

05- Choose Right Image Format

Some kind of Image Formats doesn’t allow you to Optimize them according to the Web. So you must need to use only those kind of images who are capable to Optimize According to the web.

JPEG, PNG, JPG these kinds of Image Formats are good for the Website. Because with these image formats you can easily customize them according to your Blog Post and Web.

When you want to Optimize Image according to your web post then you must need to add your image name, owner name and tags. Because with these things search engine easily understand your Image.

JPEG will be your Best Bet- JPEG Formats gives you Best Quality Image in low file size.

PNG- PNG is also very good image format for your Blog Post because they are also available in small file size.

06- Don’t Use Gif Images into your Article

Gif Images available in heavy size and as you already know Heavy Size images are not good for your Blog Post and also they are not capable to Optimize according to the web.

When you upload Gif image into your Article then your article become very Interesting but also it’s take so much time to load.

So you can use Gif Images for Thumbnail and Social Media Accounts.

07- Name your Images Descriptively

On the SEO perspective you need to Enter proper name for your Image. Create descriptive, keyword-rick file name is absolutely crucial for image optimization. because search engine not only crawl the text on your webpage, but they also search for keywords within your image file name.

When you Capture any Image by your Camera then it’s gives a generic name for your picture it’s like DCMI000451.jpg it would be much better to name the file Image Optimization Techniques.jpg.

We Suggest you, you can use your Focus Keyword into your Image Name because it’s good for the SEO.

08- Alt Tag Attribute

Alt tags are Text Alternative to images when a browser can’t properly render them. Even when the image is rendered, when you take your mouse pointer on your uploaded image then you can see the alt tag text created for that image.

The alt tag attribute also add SEO value for your website. We suggest you adding appropriate alt tags to the image on your website because alt tags can help your website achieve better ranking in the search engine by associating keyword with the images.

As a matter of facts, using alt tags is probably the best way for your Image to Show up in Google Image and Web Search.

09- Image Site Map

As you Create a Sitemap for your Website there you also need to create Image Site map for Index you images on the Internet. With the image sitemap Search Engine can easily find your Image and they show on the Search Results.

Google has many guidelines for image publishing to help your website rank high on the search engine. In addition you can use the extension for images on Google Sitemaps to give Google more information about the images on your Website.

It’s help Google find more Images that what would be conventionally found through their search engine.

Although using Sitemaps doesn’t guarantee that your images will get indexed by Google but you can absolutely increase the optimization of your website.

10- Optimize Image Details

When you create a Image for your Website then first you need to enter your basic details into your image. Because with the image details you can easily prof it’s your Image or Not.

Because if you found any other blogger can use you image into his website then with the image details you can easily claim him for copyright.

How to Optimize Image Details

To Optimize you Image details you can use Photoshop and MS Office. These Software’s provide facility to enter your Detail into your images.

Optimize Image using Photoshop

Image Optimization

First open your Image into Photoshop and then click on File Option. Then File list will be displayed on your Screen there had a Option File Information.

Click on File Information Option then you got a Page as show in the Image here you can easily enter your Basic Details and Tags for better ranking.

Optimize Image using MS Office

Image Optimization

First Select your Image on your Computer and then Click Right Mouse over the Image. Now a New Page will be open on your Screen here you need to Click on Properties option to manage your image property.

Now you need to Click on Details Option as Given above on that page and then you can easily enter your Details into your Image.

In Conclusion

Image Optimization is very Important for every Blogger because with the Image Optimization Techniques you can easily improve your Blog Ranking into the Search Engine.

I hope with the help of this Article now you can easily optimize your Blog Post Image according to the web.

If you have any other Question then you must right your question in the comment box we try to reply you as soon as possible thank you for reading this Article keep Visiting.

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