Important WordPress Plugins: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share information to¬†Important WordPress Plugins and I think these Plugins are very Important for every Blogger so if you are Using WordPress for your Blogging then you must have to Install these.

Important WordPress Plugins

Important WordPress Plugins

Plugins can help us to improve our Blog or Blogging. With the Plugins we can easily do any work on our Blog. So if you are a Blogger then you must know the Information what kind of Plugins are very Important for your Blog.

Because then you can easily find them and Install them into your Blog. WordPress provide facility to Add Different Plugins into the Blog and these Plugins helps you to do any thing that why WordPress is Better then to Blogger.

In the WordPress Plugins Bar you can easily find any Plugin for any Work because there had so many Variety of Plugins. So the one Important Question have comes Do you Know what kind of Plugins are very Important for your Blog ?

I hope no body knows the Answer to the Question because everybody have other Recruitment so they need Different Plugins but in this Article we share only those Plugins who’s really very Important for Every Blogger.

10 Important WordPress Plugins

01- Contact Form 7 (Important WordPress Plugins)

As you know Contact us page is very Important for your Blog because those peoples want’s to Contact you as Personally they can Easily Contact you with your Contact us Page So Contact Form 7 Plugin Provide Facility to Create Contact Us Page to your Recruitment.

For Example: When anybody Message you through your Contact Page then first you need to know what’s his Name, Topic, Email Address and so on. Because with these things you can easily Contact him if you want and also you can get Information about that person.

So Contact Form 7 is very Important and Useful Plugin for your Blog. And you must need to Install this Plugin and Create your Contact Us Page like we are Create for our Blog.

02- Google Analytics (Important WordPress Plugins)

You can Easily check your Website Traffic with the Google Analytics and also you can Check where from your Audience.

Google Analytics is a Facility to Provided by Google and Google Analytics Plugins gives you Facility to Connect your WordPress Blog with Google Analytics Account.

With the Help of Google Analytics you can easily Check which article perform very well in your Blog. Because if you know what kind of Article got more Traffic on your Blog then you can Easily Create so many Content on that Topic and Easily Improve Traffic on your Blog.

03- One Signal Push Notification (Important WordPress Plugins)

This Plugin help you to Increase traffic on your Latest Articles. Because when you add One Signal Push Notification Plugin on your Blog then, when anybody visit on your blog they got a Popup Notification by One Signal and if He/She click on Allow Button then One Signal gives him Notification for your Latest Updates on his Browser.

When we Add RSS Feed into our Blog then at this time nobody can open his Email Account Regularly but they Always open his Browser and when they got your Latest Update Notification.

Then there had more Probability they Visit on your Blog. So One Signal Push Notification help you to Drag more Traffic on your Blog.

04- Wordfence Security (Important WordPress Plugins)

Security is very Important for every blog. So on the WordPress have so many Different Plugins for the Security Purpose but Wordfence has most Popular to any one so we Recommend only Wordfence Security Plugin to Install into your WordPress Blog.

05- WP Smush (Important WordPress Plugins)

Images are most important in the Blogging and everybody upload different Images into his Blog. But when you Upload heavy Image into your Blog then your Blog Loading Speed has Effected and your blog loading speed has gone to slow.

At this time you need to compress your Image to Reduce his size but if you using any other Tools on the Internet then you can loose some extra time. So we Suggest use WP Smush Plugin into your Blog.

Because this Plugin has reduce your Blog Image Size without loosing his Quality. And when you use this Plugin into your Blog then you don’t to Compress your Blog Images because this Plugin has Compress your All Images when you Upload into your Blog.

06- WP Super Cache (Important WordPress Plugins)

We all know Blog loading speed is very Important for the SEO. And when we use WordPress then we got so many different Plugins to Improve our Website Loading Speed.

At this time WP Super Cache is very useful for you because it’s provided by WordPress. And WordPress always update his Plugins so with this Plugin you can easily Improve your Website Loading Speed with any loos.

07- Yoast SEO (Important WordPress Plugins)

SEO is one of the most important in the Blogging. And when you use WordPress then there had different Plugins for the SEO but Yoast SEO Plugin is very Popular to other Plugins because they provide you Facility to Analyze your Keyword Density, Readability, Permalink, Tags, and so on important things for the On Page SEO.

08- WP Edit (Important WordPress Plugins)

WP Edit Plugin gives you Facility to Add some other Features on your Post Timeline. When you Create your Blog on WordPress then you need to Write Article so on the WordPress Timeline you got some basic Options like Bold, Italic, Color etc. But if you want to use some Advance Features like Emoji, Symbols, Tables, etc then you need to Install WP Edit Plugin into your WordPress Website.

This plugin provided by WordPress so it’s a very useful and Trusted Plugin to use.

09- Akismet (Important WordPress Plugins)

Akismet Plugin has already install into your WordPress Website. When you Create your Website on WordPress then you got Akismet Plugin into your Dashboard. This plugin is used for Comment Moderation.

As a Blogger we all know we got Huge Comments and some people write Spam Comment in our Blog. So with the Akismet Plugin you can easily secure your Blog through Spam Comments.

10- Jetpack (Important WordPress Plugins)

Jetpack Plugin used for track Traffic and also you can share your Article on Social Media with the help of this Plugin. This plugin allow you to Share your Latest Article on your Required Social Media Accounts.

As we all know Post Promotion is very Important for us so this plugin is very useful for you and you can easily check your Traffic details too.

In Conclusion:

These plugins are very Important for every WordPress Blogger so if you use WordPress then you must have these Plugins into your WordPress Website.

I hope this Article is helpful for you and if you have any other question about Blogging then you can Write your Comment in the Comment Box we try to Reply you as soon as possible thank you for Reading this Article Keep Visiting.

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