Infolinks Review: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Infolinks Review and try to Explain Everything about Infolinks in this Post.

Infolinks Review

Infolinks Review

First of all, Infolinks is an Advertisment Platform which help you to Monetize your Blog with Infolinks Ads and Make Money Online. Once when we create a Blog or Website then first thing has comes to our Mind can I make Money from ?

I hope you also have this Question so the Answer is of course you can make money from your Blog but it’s not a Simple task and One or Two Day Task. Now, another Question has Comes to our Mind which Options we have to Earn Money Online?

Then the Answer is, There has several Methods to Make Money from the Blog but Affilaite Marketing and Advertising Networks are the most Popular in this Field.

Now, another Question comes Which Advertisment Platform is Best for the Blog, So the Answer is Google Adsense, Because Adsense one of the Best Advertisment Platform in this filed and Several Bloggers use them to on Blog.

But if you are New in the Blogging Field then Google Adsense Approval is Really very Tough task for you and many times you not geting Adsense Approval so in this Condition you need to Find any other Advertisment Plaforms, so at this time Infolinks is good for you because they provide Good and Quality Ads for the Blog with enough Earning.

How to Make Money  From Infolinks

It’s pretty Simple, You only need to Create your Infolinks Account first and then Add the Ad Code on your Blog. And when your Infolinks Account will be Approved by them then your Blog will be Monetized and Ads will be start to showing on your Blog.

Now, when your Blog Visitors click on the Ads then Infolinks gives you Money for the Click and you can Easily Make Money from your Infolinks Account.

What Kind of Ads Provided by Infolinks

Infolinks provided 5 Types of Ads for Monetization

01- In-Text Ads

These Kinds of Ads are Good for your Content because they Added into your Blog Post Words. And they looks like a Internal Links but when anybody click on them then they Redirect to the Advertisment.

It’s really very good type of add provided by Infolinks. And you can easily make enough money from them.

02- In-Fold Ads

In Fold Ads is looks like a banner ads but it’s only show on the bottom to your Blog and the best part of the In Fold Ads is when your Blog Visitors Scrall your web page then this ads is not moving anywhere.

That’s mean your get enough CPM from the Ad so according to us In Fold Ads is another Best Ad for your Blog.

03- In-Tag Ads

Blogger or WordPress both Platforms showing Tags in bottom to the Blog Post and In Tag Ads showing in there so many peoples thinks they are part of your Blog Post and they Click on them.

So it’s really very Interesting Ads for your Blog and the Best part of this Ads is they are looking a Part of your Blog.

04- In-Article Ads

In-Article Ads are like a Banner Ads and they are Show Between your Blog Post so there has more Probability to get more Clicks on them also you can get enough CPM from then Ads.

05- In-Frame Ads

This kind of Ads looks like a Side Banner ads but mostly they are not supported every Theme. So there has more Probability they are not showing on your Blog or Blog Posts.

Because as a Infolinks Startegy they never take extra Space on your Blog so if your Theme gives some Extra Space in Sidebar, No matter is in the Right Side or Left Side they start to Show another they can’t.

How to Integrate and Display Infolinks Ads on your Blog or Website

It’s a really very Easy and Simple Task because Infolinks gives you only one Ad Code for your Blog and when your Infolink Account will be Approved then all kinds of Ads are Automatically start to Showing on your Website.

To get a Infolinks Ad Unit first you need to visit on Infolinks Official Website and click on the Sign Up Button, Now, you need to fill all Required Information such as your Website Address, Category etc.

And then you got your Add code with the Complete Guidance. Such as if you are using Blogger Platform then you need to Install a Infolink Widget on your Blogger Dashboard for the Code and if you are using WordPress then you need to Install a Plugin.

That’s it and within 72 Hours Infolinks inform you by Email for your Account will be Approved or Not. According to me all the time Infolink Approved every blog.

Google Adsense Vs Infolinks

Here we take some good Points to Understand which one is good for you and your Blog.

01. Approval Criteria

Google Adsense Approval policy is very Tough and if you a new in the Blogging field then there has few chances to you get Approval and if you get, then Google Adsense takes minimum 7 Days it’s really a very enough time for that.

And Infolinks it’s really quite simple because his Approval policy is very simple and it will approve your Account into 47 Hours.

02. Ad Placement

Google Adsense Provides multiple ad codes for Different Ads and you need to place every code into your Blog where you want to show your Ads and also these ads are taking your Website Speed slow.

Infolinks provide only one Ad code for one Blog and his ads are not taking any Unnecessary space on your Website and also they are not effecting your Website Speed.

03. Payment

Adsense pay you by Wire Transfer and according to his policy you get your Payment after reaching $100 and Infolinks gives you another Options to get your Payment with Wire Transfer such as Pay-Pal, Payoneer etc.

Also Infolinks gives your Payment after Reaching $50 and you received your Payment within 45 Days.

In Conclusion

After reviewing Infolinks Advertisment Platform we think Infolink is a Good Alternatives for you and if you are a Beginner or do you have a News Blog then Infolinks is a really good for you.

If you have any other quarry about Infolink then write your Question in the Comment box we try to reply you as soon as possible thank you for Reading this Article and if you visit first time on Tech to Guru Website then Subscribe it because then you get our Latest Post Information via Email for Free.

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