Keyword Everywhere Extension: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Information about “Keyword Everywhere Extension” with How to Install , How to Setup and How to Use.

Keyword Everywhere Extension

Keyword Everywhere Extension

First’s we tell you if you want to rank your Website or Blog post then first you need to do Complete Research on your Targeted Keyword. Like his Density, Volume and Competition because with these Informations you can easily understand that keyword is good for your Blog Post or Not.

Also you can assume how must Competition already have on your Targeted Keyword because when you write your Article on High Competition Keyword then as a Result you never got Enough Traffic on your Website.

Because at this time so many peoples are already Write an Article on that Keyword so it’s already full on Internet so always try to use Low Competition Keyword with High CPC, because that kind of Keywords are always good for your Website or Blog Post.

And you easily got Enough Traffic and Earning from your Blog so first you need to do Keyword Researching before write your Article.

At this time so many Keyword Planner Tools are Available on the Internet but they have a Small Issue too, you always need to login into your Account and then you can Research on your Keyword but with the Keyword Everywhere Extension you only need to Install and Setup and then you never need to login into your Account.

So, let’s get to Start with Download and Install Keyword Everywhere Extension on your Google Chrome or Firefox Browser.

How to Install Keyword Everywhere Extension

To Install the Keyword Everywhere Extension you only need to follow these steps-

Step 01- Open Keyword Everywhere Extension Official Website

Keyword Everywhere Extension Official Website

First of all you need to visit on Keyword Everywhere Extension Official Website. So search on the Internet or Click on the Keyword Everywhere Extension.

Step 02- Google Chrome or Firefox

Now, you need to select a Option where you want to Install this Extension. For Example we want to Add this Extension on our Google Chrome Browser so we click on “Install For Chrome” Option.

At this time a New Page will be open on your Screen into a New Tab. There you got Option to Download this Extension.

Step 03- Installation

When your Keyword Everywhere Extension will be Successfully Downloaded on your Browser then it’s automatically start to Install too.

Step 04- Setup


Now, you need to Setup your Keyword Everywhere Extension for your Chrome Browser. For this work you need your API Key. So After Successfully Installation Keyword Everywhere Extension, a New Page will be Open on your Screen into a New Tab.

In this page you got a Option for your Email Address. So write your Working Email Address into the Box and Click on the “Email Me API Key” Button as given bellow on that page.

Step 05- Email


First login into your Given Email Address and check your Emails there you got a Akash Mansukhani email so first open his Email and there you got your API Key.

Click on the API Key Here Option and a New Page will be start to open on your Screen in a New Tab. There you got your API Key so first Select your API Key and then Copy it.

Step 06- Setup


Now, you have your API Key so at this time you only need to setup your Keyword Everywhere Extension so first Click on the Extension Feature as given Above on your Chrome Browser.

And you got different options, Click on “Update Settings” Option and you got a New Page. Here first you need to Paste your Copied API Key in the Given box and Click on the Verify Button.

Now your Extension will be Verified Successfully and it’s Ready to use.

How to Use

This Extension is very easy to use you only need to Write your Keyword on your Chrome Browser and then Press the Enter Key or Search your Keyword as a Regular Search.

But at this time you have a Keyword Researching Extension you got your Result with some other features such as Keyword Density, Keyword Volume and Competition on your Keyword.

In Conclusion

Keyword Researching is very Important part in the Blogging and if you do not check your Keyword Information then you never Rank your Website on the Search Engine. And as we already tell you there has so many Different Tools for the Keyword Researching but Keyword Everywhere Extension is pretty good.

So use this Extension for your Keyword Researching. If you have any other Question on this Topic then write in the Comment Box.

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