Keyword Research: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Information about Keyword Research with some easy Examples.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

As you all know Keyword Research is very Important to Rank our Website because when we use Best Keywords into our Article then they gives better Ranking with Enough Traffic so if you don’t know what is keyword and how you find SEO Keyword for your Blog then you are in the Right place.

Let’s talk in the Beginning. Because when you understand What is Keyword then you can easily understand his Importance into the Blogging.

What is Keyword

When you use any kind of word to Find any kind of Topic on the Search Engine then that word is called Keyword because you use that for find a Topic. And as the Result Search Engine show you various Websites, Blogs in the Search Result.

For Example: You need to Find Facebook so at this time you need to write Facebook Word in the Search Engine but there you got Huge Account of Results. And you need to Decide which Website is good for you.

Then the other Important Question is Why Search Engine Shows Various Websites in the Search Results because you only search Facebook so why they don’t show you Facebook Official Website.

The Answer is Search Engine Show’s those Website who used Facebook Word in his Article or Title.

So when you use any kind of word into your Post Title then Search Engine put your Post in the Search Results. That’s why Keywords are very Important for the Bloggers. Because when you use most Searchable Keyword into your Post Title then Search Engine show your Post in the Search Results and you got Traffic on your Website.

Kinds of Keywords

Two kinds of Keywords mainly used by Bloggers.

  • Single Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword

Single Keyword: When you use only one Important word into your Post then it’s called Single Keyword because there you don’t use any other Searchable word.

For Example: You want to Write an Article on Facebook. So at this time Facebook is only Searchable word you used into your Article. That’s why it’s a Single Keyword in your Article.

Long Tail Keyword: When you use Combination/Multiple Keywords into you Post then it’s called Long Tail Keyword. Because there you use Multiple Searchable Words into your Post.

For Example: You want to Write an article on How to Create Facebook Page. So in this Condition you used “Create Facebook Page” So Create is a Word, Facebook is a Word and also Page is another Searchable word you used into your Post. So it’s become Long Tail Keyword.

What is SEO Keyword

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the word which used for when you learn or use any kind of Technique to Optimize your Website according to the Search Engine and in this case when you use most Searchable Keyword into your Post then it’s become SEO Keyword.

And in the Blogging field you need to Find those kind of Keywords Combinations who’s peoples search on the Internet and when you use these kind of Keywords into your Website then it’s called SEO Keyword.

Importance of SEO Keyword

To the Above Information you can understand what is Keyword and What is SEO Keyword so know let’s talk about What’s the Importance of SEO Keywords.

  • So first SEO Keywords gives you Opportunity to Rank your Website in the Search Engine.
  • You can Easily got huge Traffic on your Website through Search Engine.
  • SEO Keywords gives you Right Audience.
  • Helps to boost your Website Ranking.

How to Find SEO Keyword

On the Internet has so many Different Keyword Planner Tools to Analyze Keywords. But we only Suggest Google Adword Keyword Planner Tools because this tool provided by Google and this is only Trust-able Tool on the Internet.

Adword Tools show you Results according to the Google and also this tool give you facility to Analyze Keyword Searches Per Month, Competition and Suggest Bit.

So with the help of this tool you can easily Understand which keyword is good for you and your Website.

What kind of Keyword is Good for SEO

According to me Long Tail Keywords are Good for the SEO because they gives you opportunity to use Multiple Searchable words into your Blog Post.

In this Image we will show you how the Actually Long Tail Keywords works on your Website and how you can use them into your Blog Post. In my Opinion you must need to use Multiple Focused Keywords and Targeted Keywords into your Blog Post for Better response.

Conclusion of Keyword Research

I hope this Article is Helpful for you and if you have any other Question about that topic then you can write you question in the Comment box we try to reply you as soon as possible thank you for reading this article keep visiting. “Keyword Research”

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