Krishna Janmashtami: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share Krishna Janmashtami Advanced Wishing Script, if you want to download this Script for Free then Click on the Download Button as Given bellow.

Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami

Friend’s as you all know September 02, 2018 is very Important for all Indians because  it’s a Krishna Janmashtami Festival and we all celebrate this Event and Wish our Every Friends and Family Members so if you want to Earn Money for this Event then this Script is for you.

It’s an Advanced Krishna Janmashtami Script there you got a Timer, Attractive GIF, PNG and Thoughts. The interesting thing on this script is you can easily install this Script on the Blogger Blog.

Some peoples ask me why we need to use Blogger Platform for installation then the Answer is, Blogger give you opportunity to Create your Free blog you don’t need to Purchase a Domain Name and Hosting.

That’s why we are using Blogger for Install this Script. The other Interesting thing on this script is there you only need to make Two changes and this script is your’s for Free.

Really, The first one thing you need to Change is Website Address, Because on this Script we are added our Website Address and the Second change is you need to Add your Google Adsense Ad Code.

How to Download Krishna Janmashtami Script for Free

Now, we are explaining how you can Download this Krishna Janmashtami Script for Free. First you need to Click on the Download Button as given bellow on this page and then a Google Drive page will be start to open on your Screen in the New Tab.

Here you got an Option to Download this Script. On the Google Drive Page you need to Check above in the Right Side Corner and you got a Download Icon, so first click on it and this Script will be started to Download on the your Computer and Laptop.

How to Extract Krishna Janmashtami Script on our Device

This script is covered by Zip file so first you need to Extract this file for Editing. But it’s a Password protected file so when you want to Extract this file then you need to insert the Password so the password is “techbyrs”.

After entering the Password on this Zip file then it will be start to Extract on your Device and you will be able to Edit and Install on your Blogger blog.

How to Edit this Krishna Janmashtami Script Easily

First of all you need to Download Notepad++ on your Computer or Laptop and if you already have then just Right Click on the Script file and Open with the Notepad++.

Now, as we already tell you, here you need to make only two Changes first you need to Enter your Website URL so check above on the Script and there you got my Website Address so first Replace it to yours.

The second change is, you need to Enter your Google Adsense Code in this script so first Press Ctrl+F Button to your Keyboard and a Search Bar will be enable on your Screen so Write Google Adsense in the Find What Bar and Press Enter Key on your Keyboard.

Note: You need to place 3 Adsense Codes in this Script and Ad Size will be given in the Script. 

How to Install this Script on Blogger Blog

First of all you must have a Blogger Account, and if you don’t have one then Read our Previous Article Free Blog: How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger Complete Guide and create your Own blog.

Now, the second thing is you need to make a small change first Go to your “Theme” Section and check you don’t need to show your Blogger them on Mobile Device.

Third, go bellow on the Theme Panel page and Click on “Edit Theme HTML” now some other options are started to show bellow this Option and again you got an Option Edit Theme HTML Option so just Click on it and a New Pop-Up window will be start to open on your Screen.

At this time first you need to Delete all the Available Codes in the Box and Past your Copied Script here and Save it. Now, this Script will be Customized and Installed on your Blogger Blog Easily.

How to Share this Script on Whatsapp or Facebook

Now, you need to share this script on your Whatsapp and Facebook Group so just open your Website on your Android Phone by your Blogger Address and Enter your name, After opened this script on your Phone just Scroll it down and you got an Option Whatsapp and Facebook.

If you want to Share this Script on Whatsapp then Click on the Whatsapp Share Button and if you want to share this Script on Facebook then click on the Facebook Share Button.

In Conclusion:

We are provided this Krishna Janmashtami Script for Free so use it and earn money by them if you got any kind of Issue to Customize and Install this Script on Blogger Blog then write your Problem in the Comment Box and we will try to solve your Problem as soon as Possible thank you for Reading this Article keep Vising.

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