Get More Likes on Facebook Page: Hello Friend’s today we are going to share some very Interesting and easy Methods to get more likes on facebook page. These all Tips are really works and with the help of these tips you can easily Increase Links on your Page.

Get More Likes on Facebook Page

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

Facebook Page is very Important to Promote any Business or Website on Facebook there you can easily share your Latest Updates and Peoples get Informed. But there had a Small Issue, you need more Likes on your Facebook Page because when you have lots of likes on then that’s mean more Peoples follow you on your Account. So in this Article we gives you some very Easy Tips to Increase more likes on your Facebook Page.

01- Invite your Friend’s

First when you Create your Facebook Page then only you know about that so you need to Invite your Friends to Like your Page. It’s a very easy and useful way to get more likes. To Send Invitation to your Friends follow these Steps:

Invite Your Friends

  • Login into your Facebook Page
  • Click on Setting Symbol as show on your Timeline. For more details check the given image.
  • Here you got a Option “Invite Friends” so Click on this Option and then your Friend List will be show on your Screen with Invite Option.
  • Click on Invite Option which friend you want to Invite and then your Invitation will be send.

Use Extension to Send More Invitation in One Click

Facebook Like Extension

  • First Install “Google Chrome” Browser on your Computer/Laptop.
  • Visit on Extension Settings.
  • Search “Invite All” and you got some Results here a Extension “Invite All Friends on Facebook” so you need to Install this Extension on your Browser.
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” Option and then this Extension will be start to download and also it will be automatic install into your Browser.
  • Then Follow the Above Options and When your Friend’s List will be open on your Screen. You can click on “Right Symbol” as show on your Chrome Browser and then your Invitation Request will be Automatically Send to your All Facebook Friends.

02- Add Like Box on Your Blog

Blog and Website is most Popular way to Get more Likes on Facebook Pages because there you can add Like Box on your Blog and Peoples easily get your Page. This is very Easy way to Promote Facebook Page on the Blog. And also when you add Facebook Like Box on your Blog then People easily Like your Page through your Blog because there had a Option to Like Page.

So you must Add your Facebook Like Box on your Blog and then you got huge likes on your Page. And also you can Add Social Media Icons on your Blog and Add your Page URL into the Icon it’s also very helpful for you and you can easily get more likes on your page through your Blog.

03- Add Popup Like Box on your Blog

Blogger and WordPress both are Provide facility to Add Popup Like Box on your Blog so you can use that Feature and it’s really works because when anybody visit on your Blog and he/she got Popup Like Box on your Blog then so many Peoples click on Like button and you got Like. So if you want to get More like’s through your Blog then you also use that feature.

04- Update Regular

Regularity is very Important to Promote anything on the Internet because when you update something into your Page then peoples get Informed about your page too with your Content. And when you do that in Regularly then Peoples notice your Page and you got more chances to get Likes on your Page.

It’s very easy and Necessary to Promote your Page because if you got Huge Likes on your Page but you don’t update anything then peoples forget your page and they don’t think you are a Serious Person about your Business.

05- Make more Admin to Invite Friends

I hope you have a Small/Large Group of Friend’s so you can use them to get more likes on your Page because Facebook Page Provides facility to Add Maximum Admin for one Page so you can Easily Add your friends as a Admin and Convince him to Promote your Page.

So if your Friend’s agree to Promote your Page then you tell him our First Method “Invite Friends” and they can easily Promote your Page on his Friend and you got more Likes on your Page.

06- Add your Facebook Page Link on your YouTube Channel Art

YouTube is very Popular way to Promote anything because there you can promote your Business through the Videos but so if you already have a YouTube Channel so you can Add your Facebook Page URL into your Channel Art.

YouTube Provide Facility to Add your Important Links on your Channel Art so there you can add your Facebook Page URL and then those Peoples Visit on your YouTube Channel they can easily get your Facebook Page and if they like your Content then they most Follow you on Facebook. So you can easily Increase your Likes to YouTube without any complex.

07- Share Attractive/Engaging Images

Some times you saw that some Peoples share Questionable Images into the Pages because when you put any question then everybody want to give his Answer and they write comment on your Page. So at this time his friend’s also informed about your Update with your Page.

So Promotion is very Important to get likes and this is very Easy way because there you can create Engagement for Peoples.

For Example: You can Update Which is your Favorite Actor/Actress/Movie etc. Because these kinds of things are very Popular and every body interested to share his Personal Fe lings at this time. So in this way you got more Probability to get more Likes on your Page.

08- Share your Page on Groups

We all know on the facebook have different kinds of groups on Different Niche. So you can Share your Facebook Page into the Groups and Group Members will be Informed and Mostly Peoples like your Page because they are Interested in your Topic.

09- Create Short URL

Short URL is very easy way to make your Page URL Remember able. Facebook Provide facility to Make Custom Page URL so you can use that feature and make your URL Attractive.

For Example: Our Facebook Page URL is “” so as you saw Techtoguru is our Website URL and we Create your Facebook Page URL according to our Website. Because if anybody want to Search our Website on the Facebook then they only Add our Website Address with and they got our Facebook Page.

And also if we tell anybody our Facebook Page URL then you saw that this URL is Remember able and they also easily find our Page.

10- Use Facebook Ads

Facebook gives you Opportunity for Ad Campaign. In this Process when you upload any Content on your Page then you can Place Ad Campaign for your Product. So when you use Ad Campaign to promote your Product then your Facebook Page also show with your Content/Product.

So with this way you can easily get huge Likes also promote your product.

In Conclusion:

Facebook is a very Popular way to promote your Blog or Website so if you want to get more response then you must get more likes on your page. So i hope now you understand how you can get more likes on your facebook page. If you have any other question then you can write in the Comment box we try to reply you as soon as possible thank you for reading this Article keep visiting.

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