Link Aadhar to Mobile: Hello Friend’s today we are going to Share Information How you can Link Aadhar to Mobile Number with very Simple 3 Steps.

Link Aadhar to Mobile

Link Aadhar to Mobile

As you know Government of India has issue a New Guideline about the Mobile Phone Numbers and according to the Guidelines you must Link your Aadhar Card Number to Your Mobile Number.

So in this Article we are going to Share Complete Information How you can Link your Aadhar Number to your Mobile Phone Number on your Home.

And first we tell you it’s absolutely free you don’t need to Pay any Charges for this work and also it’s Genuine.

Problems to Link Aadhar to Mobile

When this Rule has Launched in India then first i was Go to my Operated Service Center and there we Ask to Link my Aadhar Card Number to My Mobile Number but they Said to me you are Belong to this Place and your Address is not belong to this City so if you want to Link your Aadhar Number to your Mobile Number then you need to went your City and then where you can Add your Aadhar to your Mobile.

I am Confused now what i need to do because at this time i need to go my city and it’s very Costly and also we Loose some time too. So i find the Online Process to Add Aadhar Number to my Mobile Number.

And then i find this Process and now my Mobile Number to Link my Aadhar Number. So if you also leave any other Places and you don’t want to loose your Mobile Number then you need to Link your Aadhar Number to your Mobile Phone Number.

Required Documents to Link Aadhar to Mobile

  • Mobile Phone with your Mobile Number
  • Aadhar Card Number

Link Aadhar to Mobile with Easy Steps

Step 01- Call Toll free Number

Call 14546 Toll Free Number, This number is valid for every Indian Telecom Company.

Step 02- Enter your Aadhar Card Number

First you need to Listen his All Process and they gives you Instructions what kind of Keeys you need to Press on your Phone.

In this Process first you Need to Select your Language. Which language your prefer to Listen his Instruction. So you are Free to choose Any Language.

And then they said Press 1 to Enter your Aadhar Card Number. So first Press the 1 Number on your Phone and then they Said Enter your Aadhar Number so you need to Enter your Aadhar Card Number.

Step 03- Verify your Mobile Phone Number

After inserting your Aadhar Number you need to Verify your Mobile Number too. So in this Process they again gives your Instruction and you Need to Press 1 Number on your Phone.

And then they Send a “Six Digit” OPT (One Time Password) on your Mobile Phone and you need to Enter these Codes.

Now again they gives your Instructions what you Want to Know. That’s mean if you done these Process and want’s to Finish this Conversation then you Need to Press 1 on your Phone.

So Press 1 and then you got another Message. Your Application is Under Review and after verification we will Reply you through the SMS in 48 Hours.

All done your all Process will be Successfuly Done and now you need to Wait for 48 Hours and your Aadhar Number will be Linked to your Mobile Number.

In Conclusion

I hope with this Easy Steps you can Easily Add your Aadhar Number to your Mobile Number. So if you like this Information then share this Article on your Social Media Account through Click on the Share Link as given bellow.

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