Off Page SEO Techniques: Off Page SEO Techniques Provides facility to make Quality Backlinks for your Website and also it’s help you Increase Traffic too on your Website. When you Create a Website then only you know about your website so first and most important thing is you need to Promote your Website on Different Sources because when you Promote your Website then Peoples know about your Website and they visit on your Website and you got huge traffic on your Website.

Off Page SEO Techniques

In the other word Off Page SEO Techniques is Off Page Optimization because there you can learn those kind of techniques who help you to optimize your Website according to the Search Engine and you website got Positive Reviews, Backlinks, Search Ranking and Conversions. “Off Page SEO Techniques”

15 Off Page SEO Techniques

On the Internet has so many different Off Page SEO Techniques and these 15 Techniques are very Popular and Useful with these techniques you can easily Rank your Website in the First Page Ranking.

01- Blogging

First and most Important Off Page SEO Technique is Create a Blog for your Website. Because there you can write Content for your Website and it’s help you to Promote your Website on the Internet and also there you can easily Create Quality Backlinks for your Website.

Blogging is very easy way to promote any website on the Search Engine because when you create a Blog for your Website then you can easily write article about your Website, Services and Other Important Information.

02- Video Marketing

Video Marketing is another Popular way to promote your Website online. In this Method you can Create a Short and Long Videos about your Services and then Publish on Video Sharing Sites. Such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

At this time Video Sharing sites are more Popular and peoples loves to watching videos so when you share your Content into Video Format then Peoples watched your videos and they visit on your website.

03- Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are very Popular way to promote anything on Internet there you can easily Promote your Website to Genuine People. At this time Lots of Peoples use Social Media Sites and some of the Social Media Sites are More Popular in this Field.

You can Easily Share your Website Link, Images, Videos and so on for better response. And also Social Media Sites Provides a Facility to Create Pages and Groups for your Topic. There you can easily Add so many Members to Promote your Products.

These are some most popular Social Media Sites List:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

04- Photo Sharing Sites

Photos are very easy way to promote your Product on Different Sources so if you want to Promote your Product through the Images then Photo Sharing Sites are Good Option for you.

Some of Photo Sharing sites are provide facility to Add Link to your Photos. So you can easily Add your Website Link with your Image and then any person want to visit on your Website then He/She only need to Click on the Link and then they Redirect on your website.

Some most Popular Photo Sharing Sites List:

  • Google Image
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram

05- Question Answering Sites

On the Question Answering Sites you can Ask your Question on Any topics and they Provides facility to Add your Website Link your Question and Answer. First we tell you at this time so many peoples can use Question Answering Sites for Ask his Question so first you need to Find those kind of questions who related to your Website because there you can give him your website URL as your Answer.

And also you can Ask any Question about your Topic and there you also add your Website URL with your Question. Then Peoples can Read your Question and Answer and then they Visit on your Website. With this Trick you get Quality Backlinks and Huge Traffic for your Website.

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Question Answer

06- Blog Commenting

When you Create a Blog on any Topic then first you need Communicate those kind of Peoples who Already works. Because they can help you to find Latest Topics and Explanations.

Mostly Bloggers provides facility to write Comment on his Blog and some Blog Provides Facility to Add your Website URL with your Comment. So you can use that feature and write a Effective Comment and Add your Website URL with your Comment.

Because when you place your Website URL with your Comment then you got Quality Backlinks and Traffic.

07- Forum Posting

Forums are like groups of communities because when you visit on any Forum then you found so many different Community on Different Topics. There you can Create your Account first and they they provides you facility to Ask your Question in the Forums.

Mostly Forums provides Do Follow Backlinks so there you can easily got Quality Backlinks for your Website. Maximum Number of Bloggers and Website Owners use Forums to Ask his Questions because there you got Huge Number of Peoples in one Topic and they always prefer to help everyone.

So you must Join some Forum Groups for Promote your Website and Backlinks.

08- Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is a Process there you can Submit your Website on Different Search Engines because it you don’t submit your Website on Search Engines then your Website is Never Show in the Search Results.

So you must submit your Website on Different Search Engines for Better Ranking and It’s help you to Rank your Website too.

09- Pinging

Pinging is very common in the Blogging because when you ping your Any Article then they Call Search Bots to Read your Article and then you Article is Instantly show in the Search Results.

Also when you Ping your any Article then you article will be submitted on Different Social Bookmarking Sites too and they gives you Quality Backlinks for your Blog.

To the Help of Pinging you can Easily rank your Website and Create some Quality Backlinks for your Website.

10- Article Subbmission

On the Internet some Websites Provide facility to Submit your Article. So there you can Write your Articles and Add your Website URL with your Article then you got good quality backlink for your Website.

  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • WordPress

11- Guest Posting

In the Guest Posting Technique you can Write an Article for Other bloggers blogs. Some Bloggers Provides Facility to Write your Article for him in Free. And they Publish your Article on his Website and also they gives you Quality Backlinks.

To the Guest Posting you can easily create high quality backlinks for your website and also you can promote your website on different blogs. It’s a very Easy and useful way to get huge traffic on your website.

12- Local Listing

Local Listing is depending on your Website Niche you might find that listing in local directories may be useful. You may have a website promoting your local business, therefor instead of going global and facing huge competition, so that search engines can easily find your website and fetch the content will be must better. This technique will help you to reach targeted audience.

  • Google Local
  • Maps
  • Yahoo Local
  • Yellow Pages

13- Article Submission

To the Article Submission Technique you can Submit your Article on Different Sites with your Website URL. If you write your articles yourself then you can submit them to Popular Article Directory Sites and they give you much enough traffic to your Site and also you get some Quality Backlinks for your Website.

  • Ezine
  • Go Articles
  • Now Public

Are some good Article Submission Websites you can easily use them and submit your article.

14- Link Baiting

Link Baiting is a Process to Make Quality Backlinks for your Website in this Method when you write Article on Any topic and if you Copied that article for another website then you must give him Backlink on your Site. If you content is trustworthy let others do it for you. It’s a very Easy way to Get Quality Backlinks for your Website.

15- Info graphics Submission

Info Graphics Submission is another Popular way to Promote your Website online and Create Backlinks. Some Info Graphics website provide facility to Submit your Infographics and Add your Website Link with your Infographics.

In this Process you need to Create some Attractive Info Graphics for your Website and then visit on Info Graphics Submission Websites and there you can Submit your Info Graphics with your Website URL.

  • Visual
  • Reddit
  • Submitinfographics
  • nerdgraph
  • Infographiclove

In Conclussion (Off Page SEO Techniques)

I hope now you understand how you can Promote your Website and get Quality Backlinks for your Website. So you can use that Options and get Huge Traffic on your Website. If you have any other Question then you can Write your Question in the Comment Box we try to Reply you as soon as possible thank you for Reading this Article Keep Vising. “Off Page SEO Techniques”

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