On Page SEO Techniques: In this Article we share Information about On Page SEO Techniques for those Peoples who are new in the Blogging Field.

On Page SEO Techniques

On Page SEO Techniques

As the On Page SEO Techniques explain how you can Optimize your Article/Website according to the Search Engine. Because when you Optimize your Website then Search Engine easily Read and Find your Website and it’s show in the First Page.

And when your Website showing in the First Page then Automatically you got Huge Traffic on your Website. So you always need to try your website rank in the First page. So On Page SEO Techniques explain you what kind of things you need to Do into your Website.

01- Post/Page Title

When you write an Article then first you need to Write a Title for your Post so there you must need to Add your Focus Keyword. And also you can add your Keyword before in your Title because when you place your Focus keyword before into your Title then Search Engine easily Read your Article and also there had more Probability to Rank your Article in the First Position.

For Example: You want to write an article on “Headphones” so you can Write your title as “Headphones for Android Cell Phones” or “Headphones for PC” as you saw we used our Focused Keyword before into our Title. So you must use this Technique to Rank your Page in the First Page.

02- SEO Optimized Important Paragraphs

Paragraphs are another most Important part in the Article because Paragraphs helps you to Explain your Article very well. And there you can easily Add your Focused Keyword.

First we tell you First and Second Paragraph’s are most Important in SEO Prospects. And we suggest you, you only add your Main Keyword into First Paragraph in 2 times and in the Second Paragraph you can Add your Main Keyword only 1 Times.

If you use more than Keyword into your First and Second Paragraphs then Search Engine will be Confused about your Article and also it’s called Keyword Stuffing. So don’t use more focused keyword into your First and Second Paragraph.

03- Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4……)

When you Start Writing your Article then you use Multiple Headings into your Article. So first most Important things are you need to Add your Focus Keyword into your H1, H2 or H3 Headings because these are most Important Headings into SEO Prospects.

H1 Heading is Main Heading and there you must need to Add your Focus Keyword. Because Search Engine ever read your First Paragraph and if your Focus Keyword is Missing into your First Heading then it never show your Article in the First Page Search Results.

04- Keyword Density

Keyword Density is another most Important in the On Page SEO because if you use your Focus Keyword in Multiple Times then it’s called Keyword Stuffing. So when your Article become Keyword Stuff Article then Search Engine can Reduce your Web Ranking or Paralyze your Website in this Condition your Website never rank in the Search Engine.

So First you need to Understand which places are good for your Keyword. We suggest you, you can use Keyword into your Main Headings, First & Second Paragraph, In the End of Article, Permalink and Description because these are most important places to write your Keyword.

05- Image Optimization

Blogger and WordPress both Platforms provide you facility to Optimize your Image according to the Search Engine. In this way you can Add your Focus Keyword into your Image and make your Image Readable for Search Engine.

When you Place your Keyword into your Image then Search Engine easily Understand your Image & Keyword so they Place your Article into the First Page Result. So Image Optimization is most Important in the Blogging.

06- Internal Links

Internal Links gives you Opportunity to Drag Traffic on your another Article and also Internal Links are very useful into the SEO because when you use Internal Links into your Article then Search Engine can Understand you Share Maximum (Enough) Information about that Topic so they Show your Article in the First Page.

So Internal Links are another most Important in the SEO and you must use this to Increase your Page Views.

07- URL Structure (Permalink)

As you know when you Create a Blog or Website then you Add a Domain, So that is your Blog Address. As it is when you create an Article then it’s also have a Web Address and in the Technical Language we called that Permalink.

So Permalink is a very Useful and Important because there you can Add your Main Keyword to Rank your Blog Post. And we Suggest you make your Permalink Shorter and don’t use Un-necessary words into your Permalink.

For Example: “https://www.techtoguru.com/on-page-seo/” is a Good Permalink and if we use “https://www.techtoguru.com/02/2017-on-page-seo-techniques-for-beginners” then it’s a Bad Permalink.

Let me Explain in the First Permalink we Write only Necessary words and also in the Second Permalink we write our hole title. So it’s a bad thing in the SEO because when you write maximum words into your Permalink then it’s become useless and if you write Short Permalink then it’s become Good Permalink.

 08- Meta Description

Meta Description is another most important part in the On Page SEO because Meta Description will show with your Article into the Search Results and Users can Read your Description and they they decide your Article is good for him or not.

Q- Now first we talk about How many word’s you need to Write into your Meta Description?

Ans- So, We suggest you Write your Meta Description into 140 Words because it’s a Maximum number of words for the Meta Description.

Q- The another most Important Question is How many Times you can Use your Focus Keyword into your Description?

Ans- This is really very Important Question so we suggest you use your Focus Keyword only 2 Times into your Description and Trust me it’s a Maximum number of Keyword into your Description.

Q- How to Write Attractive Meta Description?

Ans- First, If you use WordPress Platform for your Blogging then you can Use SEO by Yoast Plugin and If you use Blogger Platform for your Blog so you can use SEOMOFO Tools to Write your Description.

09- Meta Tags

Meta Tags provides you facility to Add your other Related Keyword into your Article. There you can Easily Add some other High CPC Keywords for better response. If you use WordPress then you already know there you can Easily Add your Meta Tags.

And if you use Blogger then we suggest you use your Alternative words into “Lables” Option.

You can use Multiple Tags in one Article but we suggest you use only Three other Words because if you must more words into your Article then it’s never perform very well.

10- Page Loading Speed

Page Loading Speed is another most Important in the On Page SEO Techniques because Search Engine only shows those Website who’s Loading Speed to good. So you must Focus on your Web Page Loading Speed.

Here we share some basic things you can use into your Article:-

  1. Compress your Image Before Upload into your Article.
  2. Don’t use Gif Images.
  3. Don’t use Maximum Links into your Article.
  4. Compress your Words for better response.

In Conclusion:

On Page SEO Techniques are very Important in the Blogging so you must Focus on the above Informations. They will help you to Rank your Website in the Search Engine so i hope know you understand how you can do On Page SEO in your Website.

If you have any other Question then you can Write in the Comment Box we try to Reply you as soon as possible thank you for Reading this Article keep visiting.

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