What is Social Media Marketing: Hello Friend’s today we going to share some very Important and Useful Information about Social Media Marketing. These Information will help you to promote your Website or Product on Social Media Sites.

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What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is made by two Words (Social Media + Marketing= Social Media Marketing). Basically Social Media Sites is used for Connecting people but when we use Social Media Sites for promote our products then it’s called Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is a marketing technique to improve traffic and brand awareness using social media sites.

When you Share your Latest Update or Article on Social Media Sites then you got so many Click because there had lots of members and those peoples are Interested into your Content they can Click on it and they visit on your Website. It’s a very easy way to Increase more Traffic on your Website.

Also there had Million or Billion Active users so when you share your product on any Social Media Sites then lots of peoples get your Update.

One of the Key Component of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is Social Media Optimization (SMO).

What is Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is like Search Engine Optimization. As when we do Search Engine Optimization then we got better Ranking in the Search Results as it is when we Optimize Social Media on our Website or Other platforms then we got more Followers on our Social Media Accounts.

For Example: To add Social Media Icons on our Website or Share our Social Page Links on Different Sources then we got huge traffic on our Social Media Accounts.

It’s called Social Media Management because we manage traffic to our Social Media Account.

Why Social Media Marketing is very Popular

01- Lots of Audience

On the Social Media Sites have Billions Active Users. So you can Easily got huge amount of Audience for your Content. When you create a Website then first you need to Promote your Website on Different Peoples Network so Social Media has a Good Platform for this Purpose.

02- Ads Champaign

Some Social Media Sites are Provides Facility for Ads Campaign there you can place your Ads in very Low Price. His Ads Campaign cost is very low and it’s very effective so you can easily create your Ads Campaign to get your Targeted users.

03- Easy to Use

Social Media Sites are very Easy to Use there you can easily Publish your Article, Share your Links and Product Images. They can Help you to get genuine visitors.

Also Social Media Provides Facility to Tag and Comment Option so there you can use Comment Section for better response.

Most Popular Social Media Marketing Sites


Facebook is most popular Social Media Site because at this time there had Billion Active Users to make him more Popular in Social Media Marketing. You can easily create your Account on Facebook, Pages and Groups. To promote your Product on Facebook. It’s really very easy and useful site at this time.


YouTube is the Second most popular social media site and search engine. There also had Billion Active users they can update regular videos on YouTube. Here you got so many content on different topics that make his second popular search engine in the world.

On the YouTube you can Create your Channel and then there you can Upload your Video Content with your Website URL. It’s a very Easy way to promote your Website on YouTube.


Twitter is also very Popular Social Media Site and there had Billion Active Users. But there had a small issue because here you share only 140 Words in one Tweet. So you can Write only 140 Words to Promote your Content it’s a small challenge because if you are website creator then you know how you can explain your content in few words.

Google Plus

Google Plus is very Popular Social Media Site because it’s a Good Product and Google provides good facilities to his users so you can use Google Plus for Promote your website. There you can easily Share your Website and Latest Article.


Linkdin is a Job finder website but now there had lots of Active Members so you can use it for your Website Promotion. On the Linkdin you can create your group or Join different groups to promote your Website to Genuine peoples.

In Conclusion

I hope now you can understand what is Social Media Marketing and how it’s works. So if have any other Question about Social Media then you can Write your Question in the Comment Box we will try to reply you as soon as possible and gives your answer.

Thank you for reading this Article keep vising.

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