Article on UC News: UC News is a very Popular way to earn money online and at this time so many peoples share his articles on the UC News and they earn so much from his articles. But when we start writing article on the UC News then maximum times our Article will be Disapproved by UC Browser. Because there had some terms & condition so we need to follow all these condition to publish our Articles.

Article on UC News

So in this Article we will gives you some extra tips to Write Article on UC News. With these tips you can easily Publish your Article and they will Approve your Articles very fast.

How to Write Article on UC News

First we tell you when you create your Account on UC News then you Select a Language and Category for your Account. So you only need to write your Article according to your Language and Category.

For Example: If i select my language is English and our Category is Tech so at this time we only write article in English Language on Tech Category.

And the other most important things are bellow:

01- Title for your News

When we start writing an article then first we need to Write a Title for our Article. Because with the our title every one can easily understand what kind of information we share into our Article. So you must Write a title for your Article. And also you must need to follow these things to Create your Attractive Title.


1- Write Title without Grammatical Mistake

When you write a Title with Grammatical Mistake then UC News Never Approve your Article so you must write a Attractive Title without Grammatical Mistakes.

Because if you write your Title with Grammatical Mistakes then they easily Understand you had not enough knowledge about Article and Write Experience.

2- Don’t put a Question into your Title

Every time we write a Title like a Question. So if you also write a Questionable title for your Article then UC News will not Approve your Article. That’s why you must write your title without any Questionable words.

For Example: We want to Write Article on How to Create a Blog on Blogger. So there you notice a word “How to” and it’s a Question word so if we write that title for our UC news Article then they never Approve. So at this time we need to write “Create Blog on Blogger Best Tips” Because this Title is not like a Question.

3- Use more then 5 Words into your title

UC News Policy is write more then 5 words into your Title so we suggest you, you can write more then 6 word into your title because that’s under in UC News Terms & Condition.

Some times we choose a topic there had not enough words for write into our Title so at this time you can use some Interesting words to make your title long and word requirement.

For Example: We want to write article on “Trending Topics on YouTube” so here are only 4 Words but we need to write more then 5  words into our Title so we can add “Get more Views using Trending Topics on YouTube” and now our Title will be more then 5 words.

It’s a very easy way to Add Interesting and Attractive words into your title and then your title become under his terms and condition.

02- Write Well Written Article on UC News

Well Written Article is there everything looks very clear and easy to understand. It’s all about we need to Write our Article is Readable. Here are some tips to make your Article Readable and it’s help to your Readers Understand to your topic.

1- Use Alignment

Alignment is a very easy way to get look beautiful our Article. With the Alignment Feature we can easily stable our Article in Proper way. But we are talking UC News and there had no feature to align our Article.

So at time you need to use M.S. Word or Word Pad to Align your Article. Because there had a Feature to align your content in Different Formats.

2- Use Headings

Headings is way to Explain what things you write into the Article. With the Different Headings you can easily explain different parts of the topic. And also when we use different headings then we can easily write an attractive and well write-ed article on our topic.

For Example: In this Article we explain only one topic but there had different headings for your better understanding they will help you Understand as it is when you use Heading into your Article then your Readers easily understand your topic and also they always read your full article.

3- Paragraphs

Paragraphs is also very Important Part in the Content Writing. Because when we write a article like a story and we don’t use paragraphs then those peoples visit on our website they always read only 5-6 lines and they quite. Because they feel so bored.

But when you using Paragraphs into your Article then your Readers easily understand your article and they enjoy to your article.

We suggest you when you create your Content then use only 6-7 links in one Paragraph. This is the highest amount of lines so don’t use more lines into your Article.

03- Insert Images between the Article

Images are very important in the Content Marketing because with the images we can easily explain our topic and also images help us to describe our content. In the UC News Article you can use your Images between your Articles.

UC News always want’s Attractive Article and when we use Images into our Article then our Article become so Attractive and Interesting. So use Related Images Between your Content.

We Suggest you, you can use Minimum 1 Image in your Content and if you want to use more images then it’s also very good for your Article.

04- Choose Right Category

Category is a very Important part in the UC News and more then Articles are Disproved by choosing wrong Category.

As you know when you create your UC news Account then you choose a Category for your Account. So you must write content on your Already Selected Category and when you write your Article in the UC news then there you also choose that category.

For Example: When we create our UC News Account then we Choose “Tech” Category so we need to Upload Tech Article in our Account. If we want to Write any other Category Article in our Account then this time few chances to approve our Article by uc news.

05- Add Feature Images

Feature Image is a Thumbnail for our Article. When you want to read any article on the uc news then there you saw a Title and a Small Image. So that Image is a Feature Image. As it is you also need to add Feature Image for your Article.

UC News always want a Perfect article for his readers so if when you use Feature Images for your Article then Readers easily Understand your Topic and also they always click on your Article.

It’s a very Easy way to get more Clicks on your UC News Article. And it’s also help you make your Article very Interesting.

In Conclusion:

Using these tips you can easily publish your Article on UC News and they approve your Article very soon. So use these tips and Write your article on UC News. If you have any other Question then write your question in the Comment Box we try to Reply you as soon as possible thank you for reading this article keep visiting.

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  1. One option is come , when we write an article i.e. TAGS . what is TAGS ? How we create TAGS ? I want full knowledge about TAGS .

    • Ok i give you a simple example when you Search Facebook on the Search Engine then you got Millions of the Result why? Because so many peoples write Articles on that topic and Creating Video on that topic and so on. The main Reason is Facebook is the Keyword and when you use any keyword into your Tag Section then Search Engine Easily understand your Keyword and they show the blog post on the Search Results.
      I try to say when you use any word in the tag section then search engine easily read that word and show you post in the search result. Because Tags are Readable for Search Bots.

  2. देखो क्या हुआ जब अमीर ने शाहरुख को गुप्त सुपरस्टार की सफलता पर चर्चा करने बुलाया
    Uc news team says the title doesn’t meet the standard… Please reply

    • Yes because you added a Question word into your Title and UC news never Allowed Question words into the Post Title so Remove (Kya) Word on your Title.

  3. I have read many articles on UC news and most of them has mentioned a source address of the article at the bottom of the article. How they do it ?

    • It’s a small Process first you need to Create Links your Previous Article in the Publish Article Section and then Past that link into Feature Content Box.

      • Can You Please Elaborate It? I Was Creating a Article today , and i got that box you are saying and i pasted my website article link and published the article, but i am not getting that same box on the other article?, Can you Tell me Why?

  4. Hello Tech To Guru, I Need You To Explain Something to Me , I Posted This Article From My Own Website , But Uc Suspended It For Plag and Now I Have Written Another But This Time I saw a new option to add source link, I Pasted that article link of my own website into that box , waiting it to get approved for now, but then i tried to add a new article for next day, but i tried the same thing but i cant see that source box , Can You Help Me??

  5. Bro i need to write in my own language (telugu) their is no option to write in telugu how to convert it. Please explain some writers can do it but i dont know how they publish in telugu. please reply me as soon as possible


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